The Case for America: An Editorial

“I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.”  Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was by far my favorite President. The reasons I would give are best expressed by the video below. I will only say that the West Wing is always worth the watch.

Tonight the nation heard an address by Our President, Donald Trump, and a quick rebuttal from the opposition party. I sat and watched with several students in my blogging class as the two major parties showed the still growing disparity between them. Tonight though I do not want to share what my thoughts are on either party. Instead I want to point to the people I admire the most: You.

You are America. The hardworking individual who gets up early in the morning or the one getting home from the overnight shift. The ones that make sure that your little girl or boy gets on the bus to go to school. The ones that pay their taxes. The ones who make certain that grandma is doing well or that helps the neighbor lady with her groceries.

America is not the description that we often see on TV. What makes America Great is you. Through good or bad, happiness and sadness we are here because of you. You, the American that you are should be proud of yourself.

Remember how awesome you are.

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