Super Bowl LIII: Keys for the New England Patriots

On Sunday February 3rd the New England Patriots will take on the Los Angeles Rams. Personally I think this game is going to be a toss up between both teams.

The experience of the Patriots could be one of the main keys to this game. This will be the 3rd straight Super Bowl that Patriots have been in, so nerves definitely will not be an issue. With players like Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski and Chris Hogan, all being led by the most experienced man, Tom Brady.

Another key for the Patriots is, to get on top early. It is no secret that the Patriots offense is the reason that they have made it this far, so for them to get out to an early would be a major contribution to possibly another ring. The Patriots defense has not been stellar, so the Patriots are going to have be electrifying on the offensive side of the ball.

The final key for the Patriots is, to try and get to the young offense of the Rams early. Jared Goff, Todd Gurley and Robert Woods are all very talented players, but obviously does not have the experience that the Patriots offense has. The Patriots defense is going to have to play the best it has this season, because even though the players I mentioned before, are inexperienced, they are still elite players in the league.

The super bowl on Sunday is going to be a great game and even though the Patriots seem like the best team in the league, the Rams could give them a run for their money. Make sure you tune in live on CBS at 6:30 PM ET to see the Rams take on the Patriots.

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