Pro Bowl Opinions

The NFL Pro Bowl is an absolute disgrace now. What happened to the days when it meant something? I feel as if the game used to mean something, and not that long ago. Wither it meant home field advantage or pride, the players just seemed to care more. I watched a pro bowl game from the early 1990s and you can watch as defenses are going for the quarterback instead of lightly tapping on his shoulder when they are near. Can you imagine watching a pro bowl game where the wide receiver is actually trying to get open because the defense is actually trying to cover him? I’m not going to lie in this article, during half time I turned on over to actual professional bowling and I watched that well into the third quarter. I actually missed parts of a pro football game to watch bowling. Now no slight to bowling, but I’ve never watched bowling over football in my life, I think that says everything you need to know about my excitement level for this years pro bowl.

As a fan I’ve become more and more uninspired by these flag football games we’re calling the pro bowl game. On that note, I can see where the NFL and its owners are coming from. They have millions of dollars invested in these single players, and to have them go down with a serious injury right before the offseason would be devastating. That’s like buying a brand new Mercedes and entering it into a demolition derby. So the “half speed” pro bowl maybe great for teams and players, it surely has impacted the way the fans view it. Is the modern-day pro bowl better than the pro bowls of a few decades ago? I guess that depends on who you ask. If you ask me as a fan of the sport I say you can’t hit me with weeks and weeks of football, to only leave me with one-half speed, a flag football game on Sunday before the Superbowl. Bring back the real Pro Bowl that meant something, please.

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