Alliance of American Football

This past weekend the Alliance of American Football (AAF) played their first week of football. There are many things that the AAF brings that the NFL does not. Things like, harder hitting, which many fans like to see. That is why the video below went viral on Saturday night.


The AAF is a place for players that played in college and still have the dream to play in the NFL, players that have talent but not enough talent to be in the NFL and/or players that used to play in the NFL and found out the hard way that they were not good enough. That being said, the quality of play is not the greatest. QB’s missing wide open throws, Receiver’s dropping balls when no one is within ten feet of them and running backs not running through wide open lanes.

I honestly believe that the AAF will be more of a defensive league with very big defensive highlights, which we have already seen. Offense is more about precision and finesse where as defense has more to do with hustle and strength. I think it easier for defensive players to get noticed more in this league than in the NFL because, the NFL covets all of it’s offensive players, where as the AAF is almost no holds barred.

The AAF can thrive for reasons such as; Players hitting harder, It is off-season football, the games are shorter and players are hitting harder. We often see fans of the game complaining about how the league has gone soft and they protect the Quarterback too much. That is the absolute last thing that the AAF has to worry about.

The first thing the AAF needs to be worried about is straight up offensive talent. Sometimes offense felt unwatchable this past weekend. Between QB’s under throwing receivers by 10-15 yards and players fumbling the ball or losing yards on what felt like every play, it was just ridiculous. Get some better offensive cornerstones in this league and it could really take off.

I think the AAF has a great opportunity here and it could really take off within the next couple of seasons. Let’s get some offense in here and see where this league takes us. As of right now, hats off to the AAF for bringing something fans have always wanted: Spring Football!


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