Kareem Hunt

The Cleveland Browns last week signed controversial running back Kareem hunt to a one year contract. Hunt was released from the Kansas City Chiefs on Nov 30th after a video of him kicking a woman surfaced. Hunt was having a great second season with the Chiefs. He was leading the NFL in yards per carry with 14.5 and had 7 touchdowns before his release.

John Dorsey was the GM in Kansas City when Hunt got drafted, so it should be no surprise to Cleveland fans that now that Dorsey is here that he still likes Hunt. What Hunt did is not ok, however, he is doing everything laid out in front of him by the NFL and the Browns in order to make amends. If he does everything that is asked of him and can play again he will be a huge help for this Browns team and they will only owe him 1 million dollars. that is super cheap for a player of his caliber. Hunt is a top 5 running back in the league and only 23 years old. The way his contract is set up, if he does not do what is needed to play again the Browns owe him no money.

After talking with Erin Ejustus and Amber Kirby of the Cleveland Fusion, which is a professional Women’s Football team here in Cleveland I personally feel better about the signing. Ejustus said it perfectly in the fact that” We are nobody’s judge, jury, and prosecutor so who are we to say if he gets a second chance or not.” He was going to get a second chance, either way, that’s just the way the NFL works so why not in Cleveland.

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