Samsung phone to take the market, and it’s only $2,000

By Devin Maze

Just when we thought we’ve seen enough of modern day smartphones, Samsung decided to release yet again another version of one of their phones, only this specific model is “somewhat” different from the rest of their selections. Introducing the Galaxy Fold, the latest smartphone to come out that can actually fold in on itself. Not to be confused by the old flip phones that came out little more than a decade ago, the Galaxy Fold is said to be able to run at least three different apps on the screen at the same time. Fancy new options like that is not the only thing that’s set on the table for those wealthy enough to even afford this beast, it would also be equipped with a storage that could hold up to a steep 128 gigs.

Still, even with the latest features coming out, Samsung is finding themselves sitting in a financial rut, as sales have dropped more than four percent over the past year alone, as quoted by the International Data Corp. The prices are just too high for a phone that boasts almost the same features as the previous generations. Most question why they should even part from their current phones in the first place. For many, it just doesn’t make sense for them to make such a huge investment. The improvements simply aren’t innovative enough.

Phones previously sold were priced at around $1,000, while others such as the S10 sold for $750. Phones that are cheaper in value only sold for less because they weighed less in volume, and boasted cheaper cameras. Other than that, they all seem to carry most, if not all, the same features. Despite previous statements, they’re still planning to release the Galaxy S10, S10 plus and the Galaxy Fold. Sadly, there will not be that many people enjoying the luxury that comes with owning a $2,000 phone, and with the direction the industry is taking now, that may not be such a bad thing.

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