Lake Erie Given the Same Legal Rights as Humans

I truly wish the title of this article was for click-bate purposes but, alas, it is 100% true. As reported by the Smithsonian, “On Tuesday, the citizens of Toledo, Ohio, granted legal rights reserved for people to Lake Erie, the 9,940-square-mile body of water on which their city depends” (

The new bill stems from a Summer of 2014 incident in which a toxic algae bloom took place in the lake, which was “powered by agricultural runoff and other pollution, [which] led the city to turn off the spigots” ( Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for clean and safe water. I’m sure that 2014 incident was rough, considering it sparked a three-day period in which half a million people were without water. I can only imagine the turmoil those citizens went through. 

That being said, I’m just going to leave the below Tweet from Matt Walsh, author of The Unholy Trinity: Blocking the Left’s Assault on Life, Marriage, and Gender, right here:

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 5.05.02 PM

As a conservative who is against abortions, this is simply reflective of how our backwards society functions now. Why are we so concerned about a non-living body of water having “human rights” status, but when it comes to human fetuses they are simply “a clump of cells?” 

I do want to add that I don’t know who exactly voted for the passing of this bill. I could give it the benefit of the doubt and say maybe some of those voters were pro-life. It’s just pretty unlikely that is the case.

This new Lake Erie Bill of Rights Charter Amendment states that “…the lake has the right to ‘exist, flourish, and naturally evolve…'” ( I completely agree with that, but there are certainly other ways to accomplish this, including rules and regulations that are already in place. However, according to Markie Miller of Toledoans for Safe Water, “We’ve been using the same laws for decades to try and protect Lake Erie. They’re clearly not working” ( I won’t pretend I know every single current law in place to help protect Lake Erie, but I hardly think giving it human status will do much.

Now that we’ve done this for the lake, let’s switch our attention to unborn babies. How does that sound?

In opposition to the bill, local farmers have declared the following, according to The Blaze:

“The Charter Amendment is an unconstitutional and unlawful assault on the fundamental rights of family farms in the Lake Erie watershed – like the Drewes’ 5th generation family farm,” Thomas Fusonie, a lawyer for the Drewes family told the Sandusky Register. Fusonie has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Drewes family for what he described as an “unconstitutional assault” (

More to come as a lawsuit will be filed against the bill.

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