The Future of the White House: Escaping the Moral Matrix for the Sake of Truth

a029b1872898795130c5dbe62aa279d4The Historic Testimony

Following the toughest week of Donald Trump’s time as president, once more a testimony including damning stories that has sunken the greater sense of credibility the president has as a political leader, and more seriously his image as an individual. Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, testified last week on Wednesday before congress. He ran the risk of extending the time he will serve in prison if he was to lie again before congress during his public testimony about the president. He assured the congressional panel and the American people that he would be honest, and if this was true, he painted an ever extending ugly story of Trump. His testimony spoke of Trump’s intolerance which he described as racism, and detailed a narrative that as a whole could be collectively defined as an individual with a perspective dominated by ego-maniacal tendencies. These tendencies reflect actions that when it is not an immoral action, it is a reflection of amorality due to the removing of discernment of morality because of his ego running the show. I believe it is arguable that it is his ego that has contributed to the extent of the partisan display among members of congress that we saw during the testimony.

The Partisan Nature

The floor was divided during the hearing, as the democrats we’re poised to investigate, while the right side of the aisle practically acted as defense attorneys for the president. While it is true that Michael Cohen could be defined as a repetitive liar, many of the lies he committed, including his previous lie to congress, was that “he made false statements about the Trump tower-Moscow project to hinder the Trump-Russia investigation and to protect Trump, who was identified in court as “Individual 1” (The Guardian). To me, it was incredibly disappointing that our republican representatives of this country sought to defend the president through a duo of repetitive Ad hominem and Strawman fallacious arguments to divert their time from investigating anything regarding the president. Rather, they mocked, judged, and interrogated Mr. Cohen on matters that we’re most times irrelevant to the matters that he was testifying about, resulting in these hollow, fallacious arguments. Politics lacking logic, reason, and valid argumentation is not uncommon, but it is to my belief that because Trump has used his egotistical tendencies to deflect even the best of valid arguments and that his colleagues and members of the same party rally behind his deflection methods by resorting to the same types of argumentation he makes.

Escaping the Moral Matrix

Our seemingly endless Catch-22 partisan situation in our country has stagnated necessary progress and growth in our country. It is arguable that it is the worst it has ever been following Congress’ divided approach during Cohen’s testimony. There has been a billowing smoke of potential crimes involving the president that almost half of our political players will continually deny. The denial remains despite the crimes that have already surrounded him through indictments of former associates, employee’s, and co-workers, spanning from his campaign to his presidency. The future of our country and The White House is dependent on representatives that are willing to escape from what Jonathan Haidt, Social Psychologist and Ethical leadership professor at NYU, refers to as the moral matrix in his TED talk on the moral roots of liberals and conservatives (TED Talk). The moral matrix is the perspective through which you see the world and will argue your biases. Our identification within this matrix is that of which you are predisposed to inevitably prior to your birth through your cognitive genetics, and soon are applied and developed during your adolescence while you are being taught and conditioned by your environment. Everyone, as a widely accepted generalization, appeals more or less to authority, in-group loyalty, fairness, purity, and human harm. A common example to demonstrate this is that conservatives may tend to value sexual purity more than a liberal, while liberals may tend to value the purity of the food they consume more (a generalization). Once we see that it is just through this complex conditioning that the moral matrix defines, we can come to find that there truly is a fine line of truth present among a greater or lesser level of inevitable and necessary disputing of means to ends that we tend to all believe in.


As a country, we need to understand that if our president did nothing, then the ongoing investigations that will soon end will not find the president guilty of anything that will compromise his presidency. That is the truth that has been before us between the right and left-wing this entire time. As people have been charged with crimes associated with Trump since he became president, it has been safe to argue that through the entire context that has been revealed, that these investigations need to continue and conclude with whatever that they will. It is up to our representatives to escape from the moral matrix, that of which includes egotistical tendencies, to neither be for or against anything, but to search for truth despite who or what it may involve. The future of The White House and our country relies on this. Otherwise, we the people will be punished for not adhering to this critical truth about ourselves and our supposed great American system will suffer from the denial of truth due to our selfish and obstinate resistance to necessary change.


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