Luke Perry

If you are a fan of Beverly Hills, 90210 and, or Riverdale than you know the news about the passing of Luke Perry. Monday, March 4th, 2019, Perry passed away from a massive stroke that happened a week prior. Perry was only 52 years old.

Perry had just survived the “Black Hood” in the show Riverdale, many fans are sad because they had just witnessed Perry’s character fighting for his life and survived. The series decided to put a pause on production of the show for a little bit. They did mention that they will honor Perry through the show. On Wednesday night, when the new episode of Riverdale aired, the show made sure to include a tribute to Perry.


Luke Perry son Jack.jpg_37205998_ver1.0_640_360

Perry was sounded by his children and other close family members. His son, Jack Perry who is a wrestler posted that his father was always supportive of him and that he loved him. His daughter Sophie Perry wrote; “I’m not sure what to say or do.”


wife luke.png

   Continue to pray for the cast of Riverdale and Luke Perry’s family.

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