The Dramatic Rise of Podcasting; Exciting Opportunities for Media Entrepreneurs.

Whether it is for education or entertainment, people are consuming podcasts. This on-demand media content is readily available and seems like a natural progression in our tech-heavy lives. The ability to catch up on some news, learn a new language or simply entertain yourself on a long commute are just a podcast away.

Podcast content is continually emerging and trying to keep step with the dramatic rise in podcast popularity. In fact, recent data indicates that a whopping 44% of the US population has listened to a podcast, that’s 124 million people overall, and up more than 12 million within the last year alone. There are more than 500,000 active podcasts on the Apple Podcasts app alone, with new material created each week.

Podcasting: The Preferred Method of Media Consumption for People on the Go

Podcasts provide an endless variety of digital, audio and video material that appeal to many audiences, however podcasts are overwhelming popular with millennial’s. Podcasts provide a media form that is not

only easy to digest but is highly mobile and readily adapts to busy lives. You can find podcasts that align with your interests and the amount of time you have available. Many of us are challenged to find the time to read a lengthy article or book or even watch a long video in one sitting. However, podcasts allow us to digest our content in smaller chunks and at times that adjust to our schedules. Podcasts also provide unlimited ability to consume content while multitasking. In fact, over half of people listen to podcasts while driving or travelling. In addition to accessibility, podcast consumers may also be attracted to the sense of community that this forum can create. With so much content available, findings others with like-minded interests can create a unique content community.

The Monetization of Podcasting

As podcasting continues to rise in popularity, more people are using this mixed media to not only provide interesting content but also as an additional revenue source. Creative pod-casters can turn their listeners into regular customers and paying subscribers. Even when the content is available for free, podcast creators can provide more in-depth or supplemental materials as an additional product listener can pay for. Content creators can also sell traditional ad time as well as incorporate product endorsements into their casts. The unique and flexible podcast format also allows for creative ways to monetize content. For example, pod-casters can host interviews with product founders to not only provide their listeners with more information on a sponsored product, but also to increase the sponsor’s impact and their own revenue. Even those outside of the podcast community are seeing the benefit of podcasts to increase their online business brand awareness and grow their customer base.

Whether you are looking for alternate ways to consume content, are a creator seeking alternative content venues or are looking to increase your brand and revenue source, podcasts provide an interesting opportunity.

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