The Unintended Consequences of Stan Lee’s Appearance in Captain Marvel….Spoilers Ahead

As a long time fan of both Marvel Comics and Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse I’ve often laughed at the in jokes that Smith has included in his movies that include Star Wars, Marvel Comics, and a lot of other fandom. Smith often included cameos from close friends and families. Perhaps the biggest was in 1995’s Mallrats, where Stan “The Man” Lee appeared playing himself. Stan was treated as the sage adviser that changed the course of one of the main characters, Brodie. Smith was, at the time, an indie darling who was riding high on Clerks and was just a couple of years removed from Chasing Amy. There were many of us who loved seeing Stan on the big screen, flash forward 24 years and now Stan may be the greatest Cameo Actor of all time. So why does his appearance in Captain Marvel cause unintended consequences? WELL…Stan Lee appears reading a copy of the Script for Mallrats. While this may seem to be innocent there are a couple of moments in Mallrats that cause slight continuity issues. Here are a few:

1.) Jay mentions Wolverine in the Script. The X-men do not exist in this universe. Does that mean that in the Marvel Universe that there are X-Men comics? Or is Jay perhaps able to travel the Multi-verse?

2.) Brodie and Quint talk about Superman and Lois Lane having a baby together. That means that Kevin Smith as a character in the Marvel Universe is aware of the DC Universe. Is DC a comics company? Or is Kevin really the Multiverse Traveler?

3.) Will William ever see the Schooner?
Maybe I am just overthinking things, but one thing that I am not overthinking is that you should check out Captain Marvel in theaters today.

One thought on “The Unintended Consequences of Stan Lee’s Appearance in Captain Marvel….Spoilers Ahead

  1. Your mistake is to assume that Mallrats in the MCU contains the exact same plot and dialogue in our ‘verse. It is possible that the film exists in both worlds, but its Marvel references do not exist in the MCU version of the film. 😉

    It did cause me to think of what other filmmakers and real life celebrities may exist as themselves in the MCU however… for example, we know George Lucas and James Cameron (and possibly by extension Ridley Scott) exist because Peter Parker mentions their films… so this means Sigourney Weaver exists as does Mark Hamill and so on and so forth. We know Kevin Bacon does, because Peter Quill name drops him. The game of six degrees of Kevin Bacon could destroy the MCU as we know it when we realize that Kevin Bacon and Mark Ruffalo were in a film together… which means Mark Ruffalo (assuming the MCU shares all the same connections via film) and Bruce Banner are doppelgangers. “Hey Bruce, … do you know you look like that actor Mark Ruffalo?” “I get that all the time.”

    But that said… one would also assume that if the X-Men do not exist as actual heroes in the MCU, it does NOT mean they do not exist as fictional characters in comic books within the MCU that Jay would have read.

    This DOES cause some issues, however, when the X-Men ARE introduced into the MCU as actual heroes, which is going to happen.

    But even then it all reverts back to my original point… which is that the MCU Mallrats could very well be an alternative Mallrats version where “in-universe” comic book heroes are mentioned instead of the ones in “our universe’s” version of the film. Think “The Last Action Hero” where Stallone is the Terminator. 😛

    The very fact that Stan Lee has been random strangers in every other film versus ACTUALLY BEING STAN LEE in this one is a game changer. If he is famous enough to garner a cameo in Mallrats in the MCU reality… what is he famous for? He didn’t invent Spider-Man or any other Avenger… as those are actual people in that universe… so the MCU’s internal MCU must be radically different, which means Jay’s references will be as well. 😛



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