Emergency Declaration = Denied; the President’s First Veto

This afternoon the United States Senate voted to approve the resolution of denying the border wall funding through the means of a national emergency declaration made by president Trump. The senate toppled against the emergency declaration by a vote of 59-41, which included 12 votes by senate republicans. Prior to the vote, Colorado Democratic senator Michael Bennet spoke before his senate colleagues to support the case for fellow senators to support the denial of the border wall funding. Mr. Bennet was critical of the president’s broken promise of getting Mexico paying for the wall. He was even more critical of republican colleagues contradicting their conservative values that hold the constitution high who are supporting the emergency declaration. Bennet claims the president is violating the constitution to steal money appropriated to congress. He expressed that if there really was a national emergency, it would not have been necessary to shut down the government, had there been an emergency from the get-go (C-Span)

Following the government shutdown, the emergency was declared as a third means of achieving the funding for border wall, that is if you count Mexico as a first means. While the president argued that the border issue is a “crisis” and “humanitarian disaster”, Trump also admitted following the emergency declaration that “I didn’t need to do this, but I’d rather do it much faster. I just want to get it done much faster, that’s all.” If it was not necessary, and merely a want for its expediency, does that mean that the government shutdown and emergency declaration was unnecessary? Was an 11 billion dollar toll on our economy worth it for the wall that has been repetitively denied? (Forbes) Does it also mean that our president is putting his want’s and specific desires of expediency before the American people’s collective desires? If that is the case, this is yet another prime example as to how egotistical tendencies of powerful people are dangerous or at the least impactful of other people’s lives and well-being. To close, the president tweeted “VETO!” following the denial of the wall funding and will proceed to Trump’s first veto as POTUS (Twitter). The soon coming veto will be expected to be overridden by The House of Representatives on March 26th (Reuters).


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