Kareem Hunt 8 Game suspension

On Friday, March 15th, 2019 the NFL announced the 8 game suspension of Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt. On February 10th Kareem Hunt got very violent with a group of people inside a Cleveland Hotel. During the time Kareem Hunt was a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. When the video of Hunt getting violent was released, the Kansas City Chiefs cut Hunt. Then on February 11th, 2019 Kareem Hunt was signed by the Cleveland Browns.

Kareem Hunt signed a 1 year, 1.1 Million dollar deal with the Browns, and will become a restricted Free Agent in the 2020 offseason. Here is what Kareem Hunt had to say after the official word came out of his suspension;

“I want to again apologize for my actions last year. I know that my behavior hurt a lot of people, and I again apologize to them,” Hunt said in a statement released by the team. “I respect the league’s decision on discipline, and I appreciate the time I spent with Commissioner [Roger] Goodell last week. I’m grateful for my time with the Browns over the last month and thankful to all the people in the organization that have welcomed me. I also appreciate all of the support I received from my union through this process. My commitment to earning the trust of the league, my teammates, the organization and this community through my actions will continue, and I understand there is a lot of hard work ahead of me before I’m able to fully return to playing the game I love.”

Hunt undoubtedly has things that he needs to focus on in his personal life, and I am sure that he will take the extra eight weeks that he has off to work on those things. Now it is just about Hunt getting his head screwed on straight and getting himself back on the field where he wants to be.

While Hunt is out for 8 games, the Browns Nick Chubb and Duke Johnson will have to hold down the fort. The unfortunate thing? There are many rumors that the Browns are shopping Duke Johnson. Many people believe that Johnson has never been utilized in the correct way and could be another pro bowl running back if he was. Johnson has been known to be good at catching balls out of the backfield and is very quick and elusive.

In 2018 Duke Johnson rushed for 201 yards on 40 carries and not a single touchdown. As far as receiving out of the backfield goes, he had 429 47 receptions and 3 touchdowns. Even though Duke Johnson could easily be replaceable, it may be smart for the Browns to hold on to Duke until the trade deadline at least.

Now once Kareem Hunt returns, the Browns could have one of the most lethal backfields in the whole league. Nick Chubb had a very good rookie season had 192 carries for 996 yards and 8 touchdowns. Nick Chubb is a strong back who will always fight for the extra yard but can also turn on the jets if need be. He definitely proved that this year when he broke for a 92-yard touchdown run, the longest run in Cleveland Browns history.

It is no secret that this Browns team has a lot of firepowers, especially with the new acquisition of football icon, Odell Beckham Jr. So the Browns will patiently be waiting for Kareem Hunt to return from the suspension and add to an offense that looks like it has absolutely no ceiling.

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