Facebook suffers it’s worse outage ever

By Devin Maze

There happens to be three creditable services leading the web by storm today, and each one of them has endured their largest outage yet. All because of a bug that afflicted a single company. Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram have all suffered an international shut down that initiated last Wednesday morning, leaving most of their users at a stalemate for the duration of the entire day. Users have reported that some of the features weren’t working for them while others stated that the site wasn’t functioning at all. It took a whole twenty-four hours for the team behind Facebook to disclose the public with information regarding what caused the shutdown in the first place. It wasn’t an attack contrary to popular belief, but a server configuration change that was to blame. Users were affected by this all over the globe.

Casual users weren’t the only ones that were affected however, advertisers were too, as the ads they’ve created seized to function throughout the duration of the outage. As the proprietor of a small business myself, I too felt the drawback of the major event. Businesses were delayed, as sales began to decline. As groundbreaking as this was, it was not the first time Facebook took a major hit to its site, nor will it be the last. In 2008, Facebook was temporarily knocked offline by a bug that affected as many as 80 million of its users. Only difference now is that Facebook’s user count has more than tripled throughout the past decade, seeing more than 2.3 billion people utilizing the site every month. It’s no secret how big these tech giants are, but sometimes you can’t help but wonder, just how fragile are they?

Not too long ago, Facebook has appeared on the national spotlight for how they handled users medical data online. It was an act that forced Zuckerberg himself to appear before congress, just to assure them that the company was not violating any laws against user privacy.
The company have since continued to have experienced complications with nations such as Vietnam, for allegedly violating cyber security policies. The company is still undergoing complications when it comes to its censorship and privacy issues.

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