Which event will take the win?

As I read various tweets about what happened on the March 19th edition of Smackdown LIVE, I can’t help but wonder one thing. As a wrestling fan, which event is more intriguing at the moment? WWE’s WrestleMania, or AEW’s Double Or Nothing? WrestleMania is the biggest stage in all of wrestling. As a fan we dream about being there, or maybe even taking part in it. It has been the one event that hardcore wrestling fans, avid wrestling fans, fans in denial, and even fans that don’t follow the product tune in for. Similar to the NFL’s Superbowl, or the NBA Finals. In my humble opinion, the build-up to this WrestleMania seems somewhat repetitive, and not as organic as I would have personally liked. Many fans feel the same way. With that said, while I’m sure the event itself will be fantastic, I’m a little more excited for AEW’s Double Or Nothing. AEW has been the talk of the wrestling world for quite some time now, and this event will have a different vibe than All In did. This one will prove to be the first event associated with the AEW brand, and fans are salivating at the potential matches, along with the ones that have already been made. At the end of the day, when it comes to the matches themselves, 2019 has proven to be a strong year already for various promotions, even outside of WWE, and AEW. We are all currently witnessing a time in professional wrestling that will be remembered forever. Enjoy the ride, and let’s hope that both WWE’s WrestleMania and AEW’s Double Or Nothing end up being spectacular, memorable events that blow our minds.

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