Is CM Punk heading to AEW?

Chicago. A city synonymous with former professional wrestler turned UFC competitor, CM Punk. This past weekend, an event took place in Chicago known as C2E2. C2E2 is the Chicago Comic, and Entertainment Expo. This event featured appearances from Nick, and Matt Jackson, Kenny Omega, Marty Scurll, and Punk among other entertainers within that realm. During the AEW (All Elite Wrestling) panel, a fan had asked if Punk would be signed by AEW. Props to the bold fan for asking what most wrestling fans are currently wondering. Matt, and Nick said that they like Punk, but Matt then stated that the question asked is better suited for Punk himself. Ever since Punk left WWE, there have been many fans that are relentless in the idea of him making a return to wrestling. In the beginning, many had hoped for him to return to WWE, but now the focus has shifted to the promotion currently in the works, AEW. Personally, if he does return to professional wrestling, I would want him to do it on his own terms, as it seems he would. Upon leaving WWE, his mentality towards professional wrestling was filled with what seemed to be venomous thoughts. He went on Colt Cabana’s podcast after he left, and didn’t leave much to the imagination regarding his tenure in the WWE, from the beginning of his time there, to the very end of it. I personally don’t want to see Punk force himself back into professional wrestling if he doesn’t have the same love for it as he did in Ring of Honor. My favorite Punk moment would probably be his final day at Ring of Honor, where he wore his emotions on his sleeve. Just by watching the video, you can tell that Punk had loved this industry just as much as any of our current favorites show on a weekly basis, from WWE to the independent scene. As wrestling fans, we are entertained by individuals that go through a lot both mentally, and physically. Punk has made an impact on the wrestling industry, and will be revered if he returns, or stays out of it.

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