Welkom to the 43rd Cleveland International Film Festival

Cinephiles and Documentarians! Your favorite time of year has arrived.  It is the annual 12-day event in Downtown Cleveland.  Films from over 70+ countries,  in over 120+ languages (yes, that means subtitles), converge into a smorgasbord of entertainment.


These are the films that are rarely seen outside of festivals.  From the gritty, haunting after hours shorts to the hard- hitting documentaries to the future Oscar contenders all the way to the laugh out loud comedies.  The Cleveland International Film Festival has something everyone can enjoy, whether you’re a casual moviegoer or a stickler for cinematography,  you’re in the right place.


The festival also offers a Perspective lounge where you can immerse yourself in a virtual world and star in your own movie. You’ll get the feel of floating through the air or being right in the thick of a riot or a live concert.  The choice is yours.

Can’t make it downtown? No worries.  The film fest has screenings of films at Capitol Theater,  Cedar Lee, Near West, and also added screenings this year at the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. So come be a part of Cleveland tradition.


The film festival is located primarily in Tower City Cinemas in downtown Cleveland. The festival takes place from March 27th to April 7th. Tickets range from $12-$16. Discounts available for high school and college students.

For more information visit clevelandfilm.org

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