Absolute Intense Wrestling Slumber Party Massacre Preview.

Slumber PartyThe WWE will not be the only Professional Wrestling act in the New York area this weekend. Almost every major wrestling company will be running at least one show during this WrestleMania week.

One company will be Cleveland, Ohio’s own Absolute Intense Wrestling, AIW. Their show, The Slumber Party Massacre will be live Thursday Night at 11 PM EDT. You can stream the show on the Fite TV App for just $15 with unlimited on demand replays.

The featured contest will pit two WWE alumni as former Cruiserweight Champion Hornswoggle takes on former multi time Tag Team Champion Scott Steiner in a dream match that will be extremely interesting if nothing else.

The main championship for AIW, the Absolute Title will be defended in a Four Way Match as champion Pretty Boy Smooth defends the championship against AIW Intense Champion Matthew Justice, former UFC fighter Tom Lawler, and Tim Dunst in what should be an extreme war.

Speaking of extreme wars Impact Wrestling superstar Eddie Kingston takes on Japanese Legend, Shinjiro Otani who is most known in the U.S. for his match against WWE Hall Of Eddie Guerrero at WCW Starrcade 1995.

In another war, New Jersey favorites Nick Gage and Mance Warner will probably try to kill each other. For those of you who don’t know, AIW is not a PG product like WWE, longtime fans compare AIW to the original ECW before it was purchased and destroyed by Vince McMahon and WWE.

The final featured match is a rematch from the Main Event from AIW’s September Show as The Young Studs, Eric Ryan & Bobby Beverly take on La Familia De Tijuana, Damian & Besta 666 in a Mexican Death Match. These two teams used almost every weapon imaginable during their first match.

I have followed AIW since last July and their shows rarely disappoint. The main thing that separates them from WWE is the accessibility of the wrestlers before the matches, during intermission, and after the show. They are very open for photographs and conversations. They have several shows scheduled for Cleveland this spring. You can purchase tickets and order past shows at shop.aiwrestling.com. Enjoy WrestleMania week, I will be previewing all the major shows throughout the week.

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