CIFF43 Film Review #2 – That Other ‘C’ Word


While these are things you may hear at a MAGA rally, where it all starts is in online forums.  Places like Reddit and 4Chan hold the darkest corners of the internet where angry insecure men go to complain about the ever-changing world around them.  And it’s this fly-on-the-wall examination Director Rob Lambert explores in “Cuck.”cuckweek1pass11.12.4

Our subject is unemployed, 30-something, mentally unstable Ronnie. He lives with his ailing mother and fetishizes the military even after he’s been rejected. If Ronnie sounds like the type of guy who could be susceptible to radicalization, you’re exactly right.

Ronnie spends as much time viewing right-wing commentators as he does watching (and excessively masturbating to) hardcore pornography. It’s an understatement to say that Ronnie is lost. The rejection from the military has him questioning his masculinity and identity.  He complains that no one listens to him, that is until he begins recording his rants online. Railing against everything from homosexuals to Women and Muslims.


The videos are seen at an astonishing rate, and even though they are downvoted and have mostly negative comments, he clings to the ones that validate his opinion.

Things get worse when he falls for a neighbor who runs an adult-oriented website and pays Ronnie to play her husband who is forced to watch her sleep with other men.  Sadly, the irony is lost on him.

Cuck is an extreme example and doesn’t represent the lives of all right wingers.  It is however, an amalgamation of the worst right-wing stories. When people don’t want to accept responsibility for their situations, and try to place blame on “illegals who come here stealing our jobs.” Or how they have to defend the country against “them damn liberals” who are crazy and just want to “let everybody in and give ’em free healthcare.” Just hearing these things over and over again will force you to believe it, especially if you’ve decided to ignore all other counter arguments.



Cuck is a case study on what propaganda can do to a weak, uneducated mind. When a person hides behind faux masculinity and place cynicism above intellect.

I’d advise you not to treat Cuck like an isolated incident, as if it’s just one person taking things too far.  It isn’t.  It’s a clear warning about unchecked radicalization. When emotions count for more than facts, and how people who stay in their angry little bubbles will eventually pop.


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