AAF in the final seconds

Just 8 weeks into their inaugural season the Alliance of American Football, more commonly known as The AAF has stopped all football operations. The league was billed as being a place where guys that were done with college and not quite good enough to be on NFL rosters could still play the game they love and possibly get better to earn their way back into the NFL. Even having big name coaches like Mike Singletary and Steve Spurrier and well a few players that are known such as Trent Richardson, Trevor Knight, Nick Novac, and Scott Tolzien it still was not enough to keep the league a float. The product being put on the field proved to everyone that the talent was let go from the NFL for a reason. The AAF made a final desperation move by signing Johnny Maziel less than a month after he was released from The Canadian Football league for violation of contract. Johnny Manziel has been a topic of conversation in Cleveland and the football world since he was a Heisman Trophy winner in 2013. He was drafted by the Cleveland Browns and led them to a 7-9 season. Manziel was let go by the Browns after spending 2 season with the team. The Canadian Football League then signed him but that did not even last a whole season. He was let go and banned from ever playing in the CFL again. He then was signed by the Memphis Express and only played two games and know the league is almost done. They are stopping all football operations as of today. When the AAF started the weekend after the Super Bowl, I was kind of excited but very quickly the game play became boring and I lost interest. I hope that the players can find a job after the league shuts down. I encourage these players to keep working hard continue to grind to get back into the game

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