Hoax Wrecks Havoc on Twitter Users, Accounts Facing Lockups

As if everything that could possibly go wrong with these social media sites were pre-destined to occur throughout the duration of this month, with Facebook getting sued over the church shooting to seeing Facebook, Twitter and Whats App shutting down without warning for an entire day, things are constantly going wrong with most of these tech companies, most happening within weeks of each other.

There has been word of a hoax spreading throughout twitter this past week, causing thousands of its users to lose access to their accounts. It started out as just a simple prank to try and persuade users to change the date of their birthdays to the year 2007, tricking them into thinking this will give them some kind of access to a rare Twitter theme that was designed for preteens. Instead, it gets them booted off the server for being under the age of thirteen. Due to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it is against regulations to allow users under the age of thirteen to post private data on Twitters feed. Those who were unfortunate enough to fall short of the prank have the option to follow instructions by email they shall receive from Twitter or fill out an online form that’ll assist them in reestablish their account.

While it is apparent that Twitter have been working on the problem, many are still facing problems with the hoax, and most are not pleased about it either. Some have remained high spirited about the hoax while others have expressed frustration. Twitter has since warned the rest of its users not to engage with the hoax and informed the public how not to fall victim to the hoax in the first place.

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