No. 1 city in Ohio where you’re most likely to get robbed

CLEVELAND, OH is the No. 1 city in Ohio where you’re most likely to get robbed and the second-most robbed city in the country, according to the report form Your Local Security. Baltimore is the most robbed city in America, according to the study followed by Cleveland. The number of crimes has escalated in the city of Cleveland with 6,017 of them being violent, property 19,132 totaling 25,149 annual crimes according to the neighborhood scout. In just the past year there have been 13,154 counts of theft, 12,925 counts of assault, 5,411 counts of vandalism and 3,653 counts of burglary. In most recent data shootings and assault has been on the incline. Sources say the 10 most dangerous areas in Cleveland are as follows. 1. Euclid Ave 2. East 55th 3.Clark-Fulton 5. St. Clair 6.Hough 7. Garden Valley Projects/Kinsman Road 8. Metro Health Area 9. Little Italy 10. Scoville Ave. Cleveland isn’t all bad eithier as there are some very nice areas as well such as: Downtown , Tremont, Edge water, Kamm’s Corners just to name a few. It is were the hometown hero Lebron James led the Cleveland Cavaliers to a championship and now Odell Beckham jr will now hopefully lead the Cleveland Browns to a victory as well. Lets face the facts! Now days there aren’t really no areas safe as anything can happen anywhere you go. That’s just life. Although the truth of the matter is some areas are just worst than others. The small town named after General Moses Cleveland or AKA the mistake on the lake has made its name for itself whether being No. 1 for crime, famous stars, casinos, or it’s iconic landmarks.

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