5 Trades We Want To See During The Superstar Shake-Up

It’s Monday, which means the fallout of Wrestlemania reaches its natural conclusion with the Superstar Shake-up. It’s become an annual tradition since the brand split and although the brands blur the lines quite regularly these days, it is still an intriguing concept.  So here’s our picks for some of the most exciting trades we’d like to see.



1. Braun Strowman to Smackdown

This is a pick we got a little preview of last Tuesday when Strowman attacked United States Champion, Samoa Joe, and -I gotta say- we loved it. Strowman’s time on RAW has run its course, and we think he’ll find success and worthy competition in the land of opportunity.

2. The Usos to RAW

The Usos are arguably the best tag team in the WWE, and their matches with The New Day prove that, but while The Usos brought the Uso penitentiary to the blue brand, they’re remembered on RAW for their colorful act. And here’s hoping they don’t return to the happy go lucky Usos of the past, but rather pair them up with their cousin Roman Reigns to form a new dangerous trio.


3. Lacey Evans to Smackdown

Since WWE announced the arrival of several NXT call ups, the 8 men and women have done next to nothing. That is especially true for Lacey Evans whose entire schtick has been coming out, walking down the ramp, waving and then leaving again.  But since she’s decided to pick a fight with “The Man” Becky Lynch, we think it’s time to make the blue brand her official home, so the women can settle this.

4. Aleister Black to RAW

Let’s face it, the partnership between Black and Ricochet was never going to last, even if they do make a really good team. But it’s time to see what the former NXT Champion can do on his own and there’s no better place than the flagship show to bring a dark, intriguing character to and put the spotlight on him.

5. Matt Riddle to Smackdown


We suspect there will be some NXT call ups who will be included in the shake up, and who better than the original bro whose meteoric rise through the ranks of NXT make him a prime candidate to be pulled up early and placed in the big leagues. We see a damn good feud with Andrade or Nakamura in his future, and that is definitely worth seeing.

Other possibilities:

AJ Styles to RAW

Lars Sullivan to RAW

Lio Rush to Smackdown

Bobby Roode to Smackdown

Shelton Benjamin to RAW

The Bar to RAW

Zack Ryder to Smackdown

Michael Cole to 205 Live since no one watches it. (Anything to get him off the main commentary, please. )


So those are our picks, let us know what you think, and feel free to share your own.


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