The Firefly Funhouse.

On last night’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, social media was buzzing about a segment that aired featuring Bray Wyatt. Wyatt has been off of WWE television for quite some time, and many have been anticipating his return. Although, this time around, we will not be getting the Bray Wyatt that we are all used to. Over the past few weeks, we have seen eerie vignettes, that many wrestling fans were confused about. Therefore, they served their purpose. From a buzzard popping out of a box, to a witch in the form of a doll, very unsettling sights to say the least. Last night, we witnessed a slimmed down Wyatt, debuting a brand new persona. Many compared him to a character on the infamous children’s television show, Blue’s Clues. Here is the full video.

While this may seem like a family-friendly persona, there is absolutely a sinister-like undertone when it came to the way that this was produced, keeping the mystique that Wyatt has to a degree. One example of that would be him pulling out a chainsaw, and chopping down the “old Bray Wyatt.” I took this as a symbol of him not only trying to separate his former character from this one, but perhaps even hinting at mistakes that he has made behind-the-scenes. It is also important to note that on Wyatt’s gloves, the right side says “hurt,” and the left side says “heal.” Perhaps that will play into his attire, and mean something more. Wyatt calls this new show, the “Firefly Funhouse.” He then ends the video by saying, “Our fun is just getting started here, and remember fireflies, I’ll always light the way, and all you have to do, is let me in.” I am looking forward to this new Wyatt, as well as many others seem to be also. Hmm, a random thought here, but Bo Dallas would be a perfect fit for this show! Perhaps he could make appearances, or even work with his brother now? All you have to do is BO-LIEVE! Alright, maybe not, but again, this new character will be one that many are looking forward to, and a very intriguing new chapter for Wyatt himself, and his career within the WWE moving towards the future.

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