Top 10 Best Moments from Avengers: Endgame [SPOILERS]

Avengers: Endgame is the biggest cinematic event of the year, and it’s been out for almost a month, so if you haven’t seen it, that’s just too bad.  Right now, we’re going to dive in to some of the most hard-hitting, hair-splitting, heart wrenching moments of the film.


Of course, before we dive in, there are a few honorable mentions we want to get through and they are:

Laura and the Kids dissolving

Time Travel Movie Discussion

Thor argues with Noobmaster69

The Ancient One returns

Thor sees his Mom again

Black Widow Takes the Fall

Tony and Peter Hug

Now that we got those out of the way, let’s begin our list.

Starting with…

#10 – “I Went For The Head”

  • This is quite possibly one of the darkest moments in the entire MCU. And while most audiences reacted to this line humorously, it truly is the start of Thor’s downfall. Having realized his mother, father, brother, best friend, and now half the universe is gone and the one person who could bring them back has destroyed the stones, Thor’s vengeance is completely let loose. And while the line recalls the previous film for light-hearted context, it is the moment where all hope feels truly lost.

#9 – “You’re So Big”

  • Okay, so if you’re a parent, this is one of the most redemptive and yet devastating scenes of the movie. When Scott Lang is released from the Quantum Realm, thanks to Mickey the Mouse(I see you, Disney.) He realizes he’s in a world five years later and begins to panic about whether or not his daughter is still alive. He frantically searches for her name at the monument to the vanished, and sees his own instead. Then he rushes to her house, only to find her much older and while he’s grateful she’s alive, he’s also heartbroken that he’s missed so much of her growing up. The line, “you’re so big” is riddled with joy and pain and hits right there in the feels.


#8 – ‘Ronin Reveal’

  • Some of us have not been kind to Hawkeye in past films. He’s always felt like the left out Avenger.  Yet, the line Laura says in Age of Ultron about how the team of God’s needs him, it becomes painfully true throughout this film. After Thanos’s snap removed his family from existence, Barton dropped the bow and arrow and picked up a sword, and he was dangerously good with it. Earlier in the film, Rhodey mentions how a group of Mexican gangsters were savagely murdered and knows it’s Barton. Then we see him cut his way through the Yakuzas and says one of the baddest lines in the whole film: “The world got Thanos, you get me.” Barton’s transformation is done exceptionally well, even if he’s back to his trusty bow and arrow by the end of it all.

#7 – ‘Avengers circa 2012’

  • This is pretty much cheating, but the entire time they spend in the first Avengers movie is absolutely a joyous ride. Seeing the first assemble again, Hulk being embarrassed by his former self, “America’s Ass”, the play to the Winter Soldier elevator scene, and then the subtle nod to the Hydra version of Cap from the comics.  So much good stuff in this compilation of scenes, and even a return from Robert Redford.  Aside from the final fight, this is the most fan service in a single scene from Markus and McFeeley.

#6 – Tony Hugs His Dad

  • Again, this is where the parent, and also the die-hard Iron Man/Tony Stark fan in me is so pleased. When Tony and Cap go back to 1970 to find more Pym Particles and another version of the Tesseract, Tony accidentally stumbles into his father, Howard. This is just before Tony is born and much of the resentment Tony has felt towards his father has faded away. He’s got his own kid now and definitely has an understanding of how hard it truly is to raise a child. And hearing his dad talk about him lovingly was sincerely rewarding. Ultimately, knowing how the movie ends, this scene was perfect for wrapping up Tony’s complete story arc. He’s finally found peace with his Dad, and it was simply beautiful.


#5- ‘Old Man Cap’

  • The best and most heartbreaking part about this film is the finality of it all. You just know or at least have a sense that it is over. At least for Tony, Widow, and Cap. But with the latter, he certainly got the best ending of all. Steve goes back to his time to finally get his dance with Peggy Carter. It is the quintessential sentimental send-off that Steve Rogers was always going to receive, and it is magical. Steve gets to live out his life fully, finally aged and living with Peggy. The film ends with their dance and if you weren’t in tears before then, you won’t be able to stop them now.

#4 – Tony’s Death/Funeral

  • This was the moment all the feels were let out in the movie theater. My favorite character, the one who had started it all, was finally gone. He’d done everything he was supposed to do: Changed his life, married the greatest girl, had a family, reconciled with his past, saved the universe. It was time for him to finally rest. There were tears all around me in the theater as this scene went on from the moment Pepper bravely held it together until Tony died and then fell apart immediately, all the way to Tony’s original chest piece emblazoned with the quote: “Proof That Tony Stark Has A Heart” floated in the river and we watched the camera pan through all of our heroes, I was a slobbering mess, and I’m damn proud of it.


#3 – Cap Raises Mjolnir

  • Okay, enough tears, back to the fight. The final fight in this movie was the stuff of legend. A huge set piece filled with 60+ characters (And yes, I spotted Howard the Duck too.) But before we got there, watching Thor, Cap and Tony try their best to defeat Thanos on their own was an up and down joyride. Thanos was clearly more ferocious in this film than in Infinity War and this scene showed it. He was taking the fight to all three of them, even to the point where he had Stormbreaker about to pierce through Thor’s chest until Mjolnir slowly began to rise and flew right at Thanos’s head and flew back…to Captain America. The roar in the theater could be heard around the world. A call back to the challenge in Age of Ultron when no one could lift the hammer, a call to the comics when Cap was finally deemed worthy, all culminating into that moment on screen. It was breathtaking.

#2 – “On Your Left”

  • Despite their best efforts, Thor, Cap and Tony could not contain Thanos on their own. He had bested all three men, even shattering Cap’s shield to pieces. Most people had expected Cap to die in this film and this was looking like the scene where it happened. Cap stood up and looked out at the whole of Thanos’s army, all alone and still willing to fight even if it looked like all hope was lost. And then, a voice came across on Comms, one we couldn’t clearly hear at first, then it got louder. It was Sam. In all the commotion, we had forgotten that the heroes had reversed the snap, they had brought everyone back, but we didn’t know where they were until Sam recalled the first words he’d ever heard from Cap: “On your left.” Immediately, the portals opened to reveal a returning Black Panther, Shuri and the General Okoye. Sam flew through just as all the other portals opened. Strange, The Guardians, Spider-Man, Wong, The Nova Core, Wasp, and more all returning with a vengeance. Seeing this huge set piece just showed how massive and intense this moment was. And it all built up to this, 22 films in for Captain America to finally utter the words: “AVENGERS, ASSEMBLE!” It was the most satisfying moment in MCU history.



Which leads us to #1

#1 – “I Am….Iron Man.”

  • Despite it all, despite the huge numbers the Avengers were able to acquire, despite the incredible strength of Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Black Panther, and others, Thanos had still managed to get a hold of the gauntlet with all 6 stones. But knowing that there was only 1 scenario out of 14,000,605 that they could win, Tony charged at Thanos, and shook (not pulled) the stones loose. So just when Thanos prepared to snap all of humanity out of existence this time, which he thought was inevitable, it turned out Tony had the stones and recalled the most famous line from the first Iron Man film when he said, “I Am Iron Man.” It was the perfect ending to a 22 film saga we’ve ever seen and may ever see.


So while there were even more amazing, funny, heartbreaking moments throughout the film. Those are the ones that stood out the most in this 3-hour cinematic epic that reminded us how impressive this 10+ year journey has been. There were cheers, screams, tears, and outright joy. Everything you’d want in the end, and so hungry for what comes next. So thank you Marvel, thank you Stan Lee, thank you Kevin Feige, without a doubt, we love you 3000!

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