City BOYS !?

If you haven’t heard the latest hit single by the smashing new girl group ‘City Girls’, you must be living under a rock. Just in case you have been, the song is called ‘Act Up’ and it is every girl’s anthem right now. Whether you listen to hip-hop or not these lyrics have been giving women a new outlook on life! You may not agree with everything these girls have to say but you have to admit it is a catchy song. Now who do we owe this honor to for blessing us with this summer’s Instagram captions and Tweets? Of course Ms. JT & Yung Miami for their energetic performance on the song but we can’t provide them with all the credit. Why not? you ask. Well, in a recent interview with Kerwin Frost Lil Yatchy admits he indeed wrote almost the entire song! He was asked by his “best friend” EarlThePearl to write something for the City Girls and after he declared “no homo”, went in the booth and the rest was history. I was surprised when this was revealed but not hurt by this information, the song is just too damn good! I still proudly blast the song whenever it comes on the radio, but now with a little sneer knowing that the anthem of our lives was created by a man but that wouldn’t be the first time. So hey, ACT UP!

Watch the interview here!!

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