Wrestle Report Card Subject: WWE Super Showdown 2019

SSD 2019

With WWE Stomping Grounds streaming this Sunday on the WWE Network at 7 PM EST, I wanted to take look back at the last major WWE Network Event, Super Showdown 2019, and give you my report card

WWE Super Showdown was the third event WWE held in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  The WWE is in the second year of a ten year contract.  There’s a lot of controversy with the relationship between WWE and Saudi Arabia due to the political beliefs the country holds.  I think WWE is concerned about the negative publicity running shows in Saudi Arabia gives them, however until they lose more money from the controversy then Saudi Arabia gives them, they will continue to run shows and fulfill their contract.

For the purpose of this report card, I thought of this as a location neutral show.  My thoughts of this show would be the same no matter where it was held.

Kickoff Match:  The Uso’s defeated The Revival in 7:15

Grade:  2 stars, (C-).  This was an average match between two great teams.  Unlike previous kick off matches featuring the Cruiserweight Division these two teams seemed to never put into high gear.

Match 1:  Universal Champion Seth Rollins defeated Baron Corbin in 11:15

Grade:  1 star, (D-).  Why was this match first? Why did they have Rollins win in such fluky fashion, and why did Rollins recover so dramatically to beat down Brock Lesnar after he came to the ring. The match itself wasn’t offensive, but why do we need to see Baron Corbin in another PPV Title Match this Sunday at Stomping Grounds..  There’s just no believability in him becoming champion.  Then again, Jinder Mahal was WWE Champion in 2017, so maybe we’ll be surprised soon.

Match 2:  WWE I.C. Champion Finn Bálor defeated Andrade in 11:35

Grade:  2.75 stars, (C+).  Balor channeled the demon here for the big title defense against Andrade.  These two guys quietly put on a solid match.  Just like in the opening tag Team match, it seemed like these two men were holding something were holding something back.  Hopefully these two get a chance to really showcase their skills because they have the potential to have a great match.

Match 3:  Shane McMahon defeated Roman Reigns in 9:15

Grade:  0.5 stars  (F).  I know in wrestling you have to suspend belief in what your viewing, but having Shane McMahon get that much offense in on Reigns is offensive.  I understand wanting Shane to win to extend the feud., but do it in a more believable way.  Why couldn’t Roman destroy Shane until Drew McIntyre and more of Shane’s supporters made the save.  Shane’s ego really showed here.

Match 4:  Lars Sullivan defeated The Lucha House Party in 5:15

Grade:  1 star (D-).  I wasn’t offended at this match as some were.  The only problem I had was the DQ ending.  The Lucha House Party should have done something more to warrant being DQ’d.  Otherwise it was a case of the Lars dominating smaller wrestlers, and there’s nothing with that.

Match 5:  Randy Orton defeated Triple H in 25:45

Grade:  0 Stars (F).  Yawn!  I understand the Saudi Arabia government is paying WWE a ton of money for these shows and want to see certain legends in return; however, they were the only wants that wanted to see this match..  These two just couldn’t get me emotionally invested in this match, and I highly doubt the surprising result will be followed up on.

Match 6:  Braun Strowman defeated Bobby Lashley in 8:20

Grade:  2.25 stars, (C).  This was a traditional battle of the bulls here.  This match was a rare occurrence of the loser looking better then the winner.  Braun Strowman just seems stuck under the glass ceiling so far, and WWE doesn’t have faith that he can become an elite superstar even though they try to protect him as one.

Match 7:  WWE Champion Kofi Kingston defeated Dolph Ziggler in 10:15

Grade:  2.75 stars, (C+).  This was like only the beginning of something that could have been a great match.  I almost thought the 2nd half of the match got edited out of the WWE Network replay for some reason.  What they gave us good, but we need to see a full match maybe we’ll see it in their Steel Cage Match at Stomping Grounds.

Match 8:  Mansoor won a 50 Man Battle Royal last eliminating Elias

Grade:  1.5 stars, (D).  So besides the standoff between The Viking Raiders, The AOP, and Heavy Machinery, this match stunk until the final six.  There was just to many people involved.  It’s like one of those ideas that look good on paper but not in reality.  The hometown prospect Mansoor winning was a feel good moment, but no one watching at home knew who he was.  The announcers should have told his story a little more without giving way the fact that he was winning.  It’ll be interesting to see how his career progresses in WWE.

Match 9:  The Undertaker defeated Goldberg in 9:35

Grade:  0.25 stars (F).  I’ll admit, I was a little intrigued when this match was announced.  If they would have kept this match under a minute it would have been okay.  The botched Tombstone,  Jackhammer and weak ending really prevented me from enjoying this match.  I know both men got paid handsomely for this debacle, but it turned into a black mark on both guys legendary career.

Overall Show Grade:  1.4 stars, (D).  This is what happens when you have a WrestleMania sized budget to run a live event, non-televised level show.  The only match I would recommend watching is Balor vs. Andrade, but hopefully they’ll have a better match down the road.  I understand that Saudi Arabia wants certain legends to wrestle, but there comes a time where appearing in the ring is just embarrassing.  I want to remember Triple H, Undertaker, and Goldberg for their legendary careers without having to ignore that they ended their careers by embarrassing themselves for a quick pay day.  For Vince McMahon’s sake, I hope no one clues in the Saudi Arabia Government that they are being ripped off.

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