The Wrestle Report Card: NJPW G1 Climax 29 Predictions

G1 29

The G1 Climax 29 is New Japan Pro Wrestling’s annual tournament to crown a Number 1 Contender to the IWGP Heavyweight Championship at their version of WrestleMania, Wrestle Kingdom on January 4th and 5th, 2020, from The Tokyo Dome in Japan. The tournament is two 10 Man Round Robin Tournaments, Block A and Block B, with the winners meeting on the finals on Monday August 12, 2019.

The following is my predictions for the final standings and my predictions for the results of each night. Note: This article was started before last Saturday’s first show from Dallas Texas where I got three out of five matches right. I will post a report card of the entire tournament at the event’s conclusion. Follow The Wrestle Report Card on Twitter for my up to date thoughts and grades of this tournament.

Block A
Will Ospreay 14 points
Kazuchika Okada 12 points
Evil 12 points
Kota Ibushi 12 points
Kenta 10 points
Hiroshi Tanahashi 8 points
Sanada 8 points
Bad Luck Fale 6 points
Zack Sabre Jr. 6 points
Lance Archer 2 points

Block  B
Tetsuya Naito 16 points
Shingo Takagi 14 points
Tomohiro Ishii 12 piibts
John Moxly 10 points
Jay White 10 points
Juice Robinson 8 points
Taiji 6 points
Jeff Cobb 6 points
Toru Yano 6 points
Hirooki Goto 2 points

7/6 Block A
Ospreay beats Archer
Evil beats Fale
Sanada bears Sabre
Kenta beats Ibushi
Okada beats Tanahashi

7/13 Block B
Shingo beats Juice
Moxly beats Taiji
Naito beats Yano
Ishii beats Cobb
White beats Goto

7/14 Block A
Fale beats Archer
Ospreay beats Sanada
Okada bears Sabre
Ibushi beats Evil
Kenta beats Tanahashi

7/15 Block B
Shingo beats Yano
Juice beats Goto
Cobb beats Moxly
Ishii beats White
Naito beats Taiji

7/18 Block A
Kenta beats Archer
Evil beats Sanada
Okada bears Fale
Sabre beats Tanahashi
Ibushi beats Ospreay

7/19 Block B
Shingo beats Taiji
Cobb beats Juice
White beats Yano
Naito beats Goto
Moxly beats Ishii

7/20 Block A
Fale beats Sabre
Tanahashi beats Archer
Evil beats Kenta
Ibushi beats Sanada
Ospreay beats Okada

7/24 Block B
Juice beats Yano
Taiji beats Goto
Moxly beats Shingo
White beats Cobb
Ishii beats Naito

7/27 Block A
Ibushi beats Archer
Fale beats Ospreay
Sabre beats Evil
Tanahashi bears Sanada
Okada bears Kenta

7/28 Block B
Yano beats Goto
Ishii beats Juice
Taiji beats Cobb
Shingo beats White
Naito beats Moxly

7/30 Block A
Ibushi beats Fale
Ospreay beats Sabre
Okada beats Archer
Kenta beats Sanada
Evil beats Tanahashi

8/1 Block B
Shingo beats Cobb
Yano beats Moxly
Naito beats Juice
White beats Taiji
Ishii beats Goto

8/3 Block A
Kenta beat Fale
Archer beats Sabre
Ospreay beats Evil
Tanahashi beats Ibushi
Sanada beats Okada

8/4 Block B
Yano beats Ishii
Juice beats Taiji
Goto beats Cobb
Moxly beats White
Naito beats Shingo

8/7 Block A
Sanada beats Archer
Tanahashi beats Fale
Ospreay beats Kenta
Ibushi beats Sabre
Evil beats Okada

8/8 Block B
Taiji beats Yano
Naito beats Cobb
Moxly beats Goto
White beats Juice
Shingo beats Ishiii

8/10 Block A Finals
Okada beats Ibushi
Ospreay beats Tanahashi
Sabre beats Kenta
Evil beats Archer
Sanada beats Fale

8/11 Block B Finals
Juice beats Moxly
Ishii beats Taiji
Cobb beats Yano
Shingo beats Goto
Naito beats White

8/12 Finals
Naito beats Ospreay to win the tournament.


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