Wrestle Report Card Subject: AEW Fyter Fest

Fyter Fest

AEW Fyter Fest was the company’s second ever event and a follow up to their initial PPV, Double or Nothing, in May.  The event was streamed for free on The Bleacher Report Live App in the United States . How did AEW follow up their first event?  Well here is my report card. Don’t forget to check out my Archive and follow The Wrestle Report Card on Facebook and Twitter.

Buy In Match 1:  The Best Friends (Trent Beretta and Chuck Tayler) defeated So Cal Uncensored (Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky) and Private Party (Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quinn) when Beretta pinned Kassidy after Strong Zero in 16:00

Grade:  3.75 stars, (A-).  What an incredible three way Tag Team Match to open the show.  There was great story telling by all three teams and Private Party looked impressive and made me want to see more of them.  As a result of their win, The Best Friends qualify for a match at All Out to earn a bye in the AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament this fall.

Buy In Match 2:  Allie pinned Leva Bates with the BSE in 8:50

Grade:  2.25 stars, (C).  Leva Bates and Peter Avalon are librarians.  The gimmick is getting some negative backlash.  I feel while it’s cartoonishness reminds me of the early 1990’s WWF, Avalon and Bates are getting a reaction they might not receive without a character.  Maybe AEW could build a heel stable of mid-carders playing occupational characters and have their story evolve like the Breakfast Club movie. The match itself was standard, and Bates did find some creative ways to work in the Sshhhing gimmick.  Allie looked strong here ahead of her natch with Brandi Rhodes at Fight for the Fallen.

Buy In Match 3:  Michael Nakazawa pinned Alex Jabailey after reversing a La Majestra Cradle in 9:30

Grade:  1.5 stars, (D).  I realize that Jabailey is the owner of CEO Gaming that was partners with AEW for this event, but that doesn’t mean he’s a trained wrestler.  He didn’t look that bad in this match though, and the Hardcore rules worked in his favor, and the use of video game items as weapons was unique.

Match 1:  CIMA pinned Christopher Daniels with a Meteora in 9:40

Grade:  2.75 stars, (C+).  This is sort of a rematch from the opening match at Double or Nothing with the two captains doing battle.  While nothing wrong with this match, it never got to the level I know these two are capable of.

Match 2:  Rhio defeated Yuka Sakazaki and Nyla Rose when she pinned with Rose with a Cradle in 12:30.

Grade:  2.5 stars, (C).  This was a formulaic match with two smaller women taking on a bigger one.  Even though Rhio won, Rose looked the most impressive here.

Match 3:  Adam Page defeated MJF, Jungle Boy, and Jimmy Havoc when he pinned Havoc with The Dead Eye in 10:50

Grade:  2.5 stars, (C).  Interesting choice here as it was announced  that the winner of this match would face Kip Sabian two weeks later at Fight For The Fallen, In reality MJF, Jungle Boy, and Havoc should have a match with the winner facing Page.  Questionable Match Making aside, there was nothing wrong with this match as the three opponents showed why they will be a part of a solid mid-card for AEW.

Match 4:  Cody Rhodes wrestled to a 20 minute time limit draw with Darby Allen

Grade:  3.25 stars, (B).  This was a good match that nobody will remember because of the aftermath.  Allen hung in there with Cody and despite taking a scary fall on the ring apron looked really good.  I think a measuring stick type role would fit Cody well.

I usually don’t cover things between the matches, but Shawn Spears, the former Tye Dillinger in WWE,  came to the ring and blasted Cody in the back of the head with a chair. This sparked a lot of backlash afterwards forcing AEW to admit the chair was not real steel and Spears missed on the swing  causing the wound. Whether we agreed with the stunt, Cody wanted to do it and escaped serious injury. To be fair, even the simplest of stunts cone with significant risk. It’s all part of being a professional wrestler.

Match 5:  Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks defeated The Lucha Bros. and The Laredo Kid when Omega pinned Kid with The One Winged Angel in 20:50

Grade:  4.25 stars, (A).  This was an outstanding six man tag with a Street Fighter theme.  Kid looked impressive here and didn’t look like an odd man out. I could watch The Elite and Young Bucks all day.  It might be impossible for them to have a bad match together.

Match 6:  Jon Moxly pinned Joey Janela in a Non Sanctioned Match with the Paradigm Shift in 20:00

Grade:  3.5 stars (B).  So before the match Justin Roberts announced that the show was officially over but this next match was lights out and non-sanctuned.  That was a nice touch but it would have been nice if they followed it up with something that set it a part from the rest of the show from a production aspect.  The match itself was a crazy brawl as Janela matched Moxly’s craziness even taking thumb tacks to the bottom of his feet.

Overall Show Grade:  2.92, (C+).  A strong follow up to Double or Nothing, this show provided a little bit of everything.  If future “B-Level” shows are similar, AEW will be very exciting.

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