Were now on to the AFC south predictions this division is going to be tough.

Indianapolis Colts

Record this year 3-13

with the shocking news of Andrew Luck retirement, the colts are left to wonder where they went wrong it is gonna be a long season. They need to look at QB in the draft or free agency next year.

Tennessee Titans

Record this year 7-9

well, have to see what the can do with their running game. They’ll need that to set up play-action their defense looks ok they’ll need good QB play to help them along they have a shot at the division need to stay healthy.

Houston Texans

Record this year 12-4

Lead by Watson the Texans should now with this division with luck out of the colts they should be the favorites to win alongside their defense and their wide-outs they should be fine.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Record this year 9-7

With the signing of Nick Foles, they finally have their QB they have always had a top 3 defense to now put that with a solid QB as long as he stays healthy they will compete in the division.

The Texans should walk away with this division as long as they can stay healthy.

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