LGBTIQA+ Conservative Group Leader Resigned

 Log Cabin Republicans Group’s  former executive director, Jerri Ann Henry

LGBTIQA+ Conservative Group leader resigned over the president’s recent endorsement for the LGBTIQA+ community. This action can put the LGBTIQA+ community back 100 years or be a stepping stone for a new tomorrow. As a leader, you should put the groups needs and visions before your own personal beliefs and stand points. Just this action alone by former leader Jerri Ann Henry. In the written article  by Yahoo news states, “the group’s executive director, Jerri Ann Henry, resigned over “discontent with Trump and dissatisfaction with Log Cabin’s approach to defending its Trump endorsement in the media.” Henry was named to the position in November 2018.”

Well, there is a time and a place for everything in the world. The LGBTIQA+ community has come along way from being discriminated against til’ now having legalized marriage in the USA. The president’s administration and certain parts of any political group have their own opinions. The looks and the blame can go hand and hand. LGBTIQA+ is reaching out to new levels to have equal opportunities from all walks of life. The modern age of technology and social media also the current laws that are in place is seemingly breaking records and changing the viewpoints of people about the LGBTIQA+ community. The normal Republican party has changed from extreme right winged of thinking to independently modern conservatism. It is a force to be reckoned with towards the Conservative LGBTIQA+ group. Their lives are inspiring and aspiring the youth and changing lives also the strife they fought so hard for rights over the years. We must think or react to political actions from leaders.   

Nowadays, the leaders of groups are putting their own personal beliefs before the rights and beliefs of the group. In the terms of fighting for the small man. Where we are in the midst of being on the bottom end of things. This is not becoming what we set out to be in the world as equality. No matter what comes our way. The battle is far from over.  You can break into the top five percent of changing others's viewpoints or what is it is being considered gay. The meanings and the mannerisms of LGBTIQA+ community can bring out the best of anyone or turn political bad in just moments without a cause or an effect. You be the judge? 


Another resignation shakes LGBT Republican group after Trump endorsement

Gay Republican group's executive director resigns after Trump endorsement

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