Out of Reach 9/11/01

I woke up with one thing on my mind! Call my mom to wish her a happy birthday, that’s it, that’s all. Unfortunately unbeknownst to me a much bigger situation was going on in the world.

I had been in the Cuyahoga County jail for almost 3 months and my routine was to stay up all night reading or working out, then sleep most of the day away. Not on this particular morning though, I had to call my mom. Her birthday is September 11th.

When I was finally completely awake, I asked my cell mate why the door was closed and he responded that the pod was on lockdown. Disappointed, I asked him why, thinking it was the usual bs that goes on inside of a jail with a whole bunch of testosterone and egos caged up and also dealing with pretty serious jail time over their heads. All he said was look at the t.v. So I got up and looked at the t.v. and to say I was confused is putting it mildly as I assumed I was looking at a movie of some sort. But as my eyes adjusted, I started reading the bottom of the screen and realize,that this was live. Right before my eyes as realization was coming to me another airplane crashed into the second tower and my heart shattered, disbelieving what I was seeing with my very own eyes. Then a news anchor came on explaining exactly what I had just seen, saying that the twin towers in New York had just been hit with airplanes. Then people stared jumping out the windows of the upper floors to escape the fire. I was horrified and thought it couldn’t get any worse, but I was so wrong as the first tower crumbled and fell and the second one right after it as people continued to jump out of the windows. My mind was blown and I was angry, more angry than I had been in a very long time.

My mind racing I began to cry knowing my mother’s birthday would never be the same ever again. I beat on the cell door with my hands and feet because now I needed to talk to my mother. I had to make sure that she was ok. But it wasn’t to be, we remained on lockdown for the rest of that day and half of the next.

When I finally talked to my mother she was heartbroken, which broke my heart. The world changed forever on my mother’s birthday and her birthday has never been the same since. She has used the day that used to be hers to do service and give back, also for prayer and reflection. 9/11/2001 changed the world and it changed my mother and I will never forget the countless lives lost but I was touched on a personal level as well. So please never forget all the innocent lives we lost and are still losing because of the horrific acts perpetrated by people who hate us without understanding us.

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