Is An Act Of Forgiveness The Key?

AAIcVUOProvided by The Associated Press State District Judge Tammy Kemp gives former Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger a hug before Guyger leaves for jail, Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019

The Trial of Amber Guyer came to a conclusion over the weekend.  Guyer, a former Dallas Police Officer, was sentenced to Ten Years in the murder of an unarmed black man named Botham Jean.  Jean, a 26 year old graduate of Harding University and a certified public accountant,  was mistaken as an intruder in his own apartment by Guyer, a 31 year old Caucasian woman. The outcry from his family and the African-American community reached new heights in the city of Dallas and in the nation. Botham’s brother Brandt Jean acted courageously changing the atmosphere of the trial and landscape of the national debate with the following remarks from the stand:

Brandt told Guyer that he forgave her, against his family’s wishes, and then hugged her.  Jake Bleiberg, a reporter for the Associated Press, quoted Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot who called Brandt’s embrace of Guyger “an amazing act of healing and forgiveness that is rare in today’s society”.

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