News Letter 10-28-2019

Campus Director:

Online Coursework!

It is important to regularly log on and work on your online courses! This is apart of your graduation requirement. There is time allotted during the day from 2pm – 2:30 to complete some work.  Marcus Donald from 5/7 D called me the online terminator and I’ll gladly take the title! “Did you do your online work?”

Graduation Updates!
Graduation is coming up, November 22nd. It’s so much fun planning this event each time with the team. The joy we see on your faces is priceless. Last graduation, we switched over to an awards style ceremony. It was so successful, we’ve decided to stick with it for the November ceremony. If you are graduating, please reach out to me and let me know, so we can reserve your seat. If you are currently enrolled and would like to intern for the event, please let us know. It’s a good opportunity for hours, plus you get a glimpse of your future! 
4/9!! Seniors! 
We will be meeting with you to assure that you are on track to graduate ON TIME! Financial aid will go over your loans and what to expect after graduating, Admissions will help you enroll in emphasis (Sports, Film, Audio, Sales….what’s your pleasure) and Career Services will meet to discuss next steps for employment. 

Emphasis Programs Now Enrolling for November!
Admissions is enrolling for November Emphasis starting on November 26th.Come see Jeanne in Admissions or give her a call or text at 216-503-2119

Ro Digga is one of OMS’s most well known alumni. Ro is Z1079’s Midday Personality and Host of “The Warm Up Show” Midday’s 10am-3pm [Monday-Friday] and can even be heard on Saturday mornings 9am-12pm. She is also the Assistant Program Director.

Spotlight on Ro Digga

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