Disney+ Is Finally Here!

In a world full of division and opposing differences, there’s only one thing that I could find that we could all agree on.

Ending world hunger? No.

The finale of Games Of Thrones that could’ve obviously been written better? Nope!

Rick and Morty made a great comeback for animation geeks like me? Not even that!

It’s okay, Rick

We could all agree that the Disney franchise is an incredible childhood memory that we often dwell back on. Whether it’s reliving your Saturday mornings with a bowl of cereal curled up onto your lap to catch up on your morning Disney shows or simply ending your evening with a classic Disney film to enjoy with your friends and family (Personally, the Tarzan and Aladdin movies did the trick for me when my bedtime hour rolled around. Easily beating bedtime stories, imagine having your favorite Disney tune replaying in your head before falling asleep!).

If you were to ask anyone about their personal opinion on Disney, I’m 98.99% sure that it’ll either be a positive opinion of the franchise or a major nostalgic flashback that’ll leave a smile on their face!

The power of Disney, people

The power of Disney, readers! Maybe that’s their magical power is after all? I’m sure we’re on to something.

Why am I going on about Disney? No need to dwell with the nostalgic feeling anymore! Get ready for Disney +, a Walt Disney Studios official streaming service for Disney lovers like you! We’re talking every Disney owned property such as Pixar, Marvel, and of course Star Wars! You now have access to every classic Disney film that made you laugh and cry (darn you, All Dogs Go To Heaven)!

Relive your childhood days with timeless Disney shows such as That’s So Raven and Kim Possible (be prepared for your secret agent life for 30 seconds as the Kim Possible theme song prepares you for the Ultimate battle against Shego)!

Definitely geek out to marathons of Starwars and Marvel. Anything that you could watch gifted by Walt Disney Studios is right here at your fingertips with Disney+! Available RIGHT NOW for $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year!

Disney TV shows and films range from 1937 – 1990, including offerings from the 90s! This is aside from the current Disney shows and movies currently being televised now. Even if you’re not a fan of any Disney classics, don’t worry! Catch the current Disney channel shows and films such as Andy Mack and Lemonade Mouth streaming now on Disney+!

Even if you do have a taste for something new with Disney, Disney+ offers new upcoming films such as the Live-action Lady and The Tramp reboot and possibly every other live-action film that debuted the last recent years! How exciting is that?

Who else is going to watch a marathon of High School Musical with me?

Anyone? ANYONE?

This is only SOME of the content that the magical service launched this month. Each month will be updated with more brand spanking new shows and films for us to relive all over again! Get ready to take your love for Disney to the next level! Dear Disney, I hereby accept your challenge.

And I will not lose it!

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