It’s Official – DC Fan Favorite Harley Quinn Officially Has Her Own Spin-Off Series

It’s official. Harley Quinn has officially reached her peak of popularity thanks to millions of crazed DC fans keeping the daring harlequin clown afloat. With the iconic film “Suicide Squad” and the massive Halloween costume appreciate that graced the nation, it’s difficult to not recognize the beautiful Harley Quinn after all. What is our favorite troublemaker up to now? Due to her popularity increasing significantly over the years, it didn’t take long for DC Universe to announce a web series of the admirable Harley Quinn, “DC Harley Quinn”. The highly anticipated show is set to premiere November 29th, 2019 on the DC Universe website! The series consists of a total of 26 episodes, 13 episodes per season!
“DC Harley Quinn” is set to premiere November 29th on the DC Universe website!
This adult animation follows the misadventures of Harley Quinn ready to cause great mischief in Gotham City on her own terms, her own way WITHOUT her ex-boyfriend Joker by her side. With her long-time partner in crime, Poison Ivy, the dynamic duo sets off to explore the realms of Gotham City before eventually joining the Legion Of Doom.
Yup, she’s still a little insane but with fashion
In the trailer, you see a feisty Harley Quinn demanding independence after her fresh spilt from the devious Joker. With her best friend, Poison Ivy, by her side, Harley adventures out to find a new crew of “bad guys” to fill the yearning void of trouble that seeps within her. The official trailer of the web series dropped November 12th, leaving fans cheering in joy! Many familiar faces caught the eyes of many, including the Joker, Bumblebee, Aquaman, and much more! Even Harley Quinn couldn’t help but participate in a viral dance called the “floss” in another trailer! Excitement poured throughout the Instagram thread, approving of a more independent Harley Quinn. Kaley Cuoco, the beautiful voice actress of Harley Quinn, expressed her excitement for her new project on an Instagram post, stating that this was “insanity at it’s finest”! I find it entertaining to see more of our favorite daredevil soon! What do you guys think? Will you tune in or tune out? What crazy events will Harley Quinn get herself into? DC Harley Quinn is set to premiere November 29th on the DC Universe website! There’s also a DC Universe app available for viewers on the go! Check it out if you can and tell me what you think down below!

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