The Motorola Razr Will Official Return In 2020!

The Motorola Razr Will Official Return In 2020!

I know what you guys are thinking – what year is this again? Is this the early 2000s when Britney Spears and Bazooka Bubble Gum was still a thing?! It’s been nearly two decades since we heard of the Razr! Now they’re back with a huge surprise!

For those who aren’t familiar with the Motorola Razr, it was THE flip phone back in the day that often presented itself on popular television shows (usually the teen shows), poppy music videos, and of course, in the hand of your family members!

Oh, the feeling of satisfaction of slamming your flip phone closed like a boss after finishing a conversation!

I can hear it now

There was absolutely no better confirmation of feeling confident than the clicking sound of your flip phone folding in half.

No need to dwell over the memories any longer! Prepare for the nostalgic feeling to get even bolder as the new upgraded version of the Motorola Razr returns to the technology field with an all-new appearance!

Announcing its return in the month of January 2020, the new Razr model shocked millions as the touch screen phone easily bent in half in a short promo video. Many were left questioning how such a thing was even possible for a phone that large to flip as easily as it did. No matter the questions that flooded the comments, most users were left impressed overall.

Retailing at the price of $1500 from Verizon, pre-orders of the Razr will officially begin on December 26th, a day after the holidays. Here are the pros of the device:

Pros: The Motorola Razr is quite huge, a favorable feature that we often look for in a phone today. With an anti-scratch and water repellant coating, the revamped model is sure to take on any damage that’s thrown your way.

The touch screen folds completely in half with no bumps and gaps, resembling a striking copy of the old model Razr. The coolest part about this feature? You could still use your touch screen phone while it’s folded!

It offers 6GB RAM and 128GB of storage to help maintain every piece of content you wish to have on your cellular device. It’s quite some space, another feature that we often look for when purchasing a new phone.

The last burning question that we are all dying to know – could you successfully flip this phone shut in satisfaction like the good old times??

Watch these clips down below to check out the new Motorola Razr! Tell me what you think down below in the comments!

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