Here’s 5 Reasons Why A Gemini Is Always A Target

Don’t worry, fellow Gemini! We still love you! Even if we do give you a hard time!

If you’re reading this as a Gemini, I’m sure you’re already aware of the cruel stereotypical statements that often rained down on your sign. Often unfairly judged by your Zodiac peers, it seems as though the world despises the fact that Geminis actually have an annual season to celebrate. While the classic Air sign continues to reign, I’m left wondering…what is it about a Gemini that rubs people the wrong way?

Don’t get me wrong, not everyone despises a Gemini. Some of our most adored celebrities such as Tupac Shakur, Marilyn Monroe, and Idina Menzel are often celebrated with complete admiration, casting an everlasting impact on fans today. They’re Geminis! Even if others do run across a bad batch of the sign, it’s completely unfair to categorize a whole zodiac based off of that unlucky person.

So why does Geminis have such a bad reputation?

It seems like whenever a Gemini is mentioned, a wave of cringe washes over people. Often, a rather bad memory usually resurfaces as they tell a tale of their own personal encounter of a Gemini. Mostly these memories don’t end so pleasantly. From my personal experience, I’ve run across quite a few bad batches of Geminis myself. Though the results ended unpleasantly, I cannot say that all Geminis are awful. Recently, I’ve met some of the most amazing and carefree friends that fall under the category of “The Twins”. Most of my laughs, confidence, fun moments and best memories were created with a Gemini.

Here are five reasons why a Gemini is often depicted so lowly. Disclaimer, this article is up for debate. Please feel free to share your opinion down in the comment sections!

1. A Gemini’s Bold Confidence Is Almost Envious

Let’s face it, there’s no other sign that wears their confidence on their sleeve better than a Gemini (Sagittarius and Leo fall closely behind but our favorite Air sign takes the cake). Whether it’s their bold fashion choices (or effortlessly making a comfy outfit look absolutely flawless) or their unapologetic way to be themselves, their confidence level ranks at an all-time high. Whether they show it or not, one thing you cannot tell a Gemini is that they are not true to themselves. In a world where others are forced to fall in line to feel acceptable, this sign would be the first to create their own zig-zag line with no regrets. It’s sometimes natural that others will follow behind a Gemini but in most cases, others would find this blooming trait as a threat. With this newfound confidence, Geminis are often left defending themselves to others that fell jealous of their sunshine rays.

2. They Don’t Follow Crowds

I wouldn’t really call a Gemini much of a loner but they’re less likely to follow crowds and waves unless the subject affects them personally. For example, if this was a workplace clique up into tight sections and one clique absolutely despises a specific co-worker, a Gemini is more incline to befriend the misunderstood coworker than the judgemental clique of gossiping workers. There’s nothing that’ll sway their opinion of a person unless they were personally affected themselves. Geminis aren’t followers. Such a rebellious act can cause confusion and misunderstood betrayal.

3. They Take No Disrespect!

There’s a reason why this classic Air Sign is nicknamed “The Twins”. There’s a different side of a Gemini that isn’t favorable to see. If you’re absolutely curious to explore this other half of a Gemini, it won’t take much for their anger to boil if you do decide to push the right buttons. Under no circumstances will a Gemini tolerate any disrespect! They often don’t believe in spoiling their happy reign and won’t have no problem challenging the challenger. These signs may be bubbly and generous but don’t let such positive traits fool you. They won’t back down with a fight and let me tell you, these signs do have a lot of FIGHT in them for a Zodiac so misunderstood. This may cause a long term problem those who are stubborn enough to go toe to toe with this Air sign.

4. Whether They Like It Or Not, They Draw In Some Form Of Popularity

People either love them or love to hate them. There’s no in-between. Due to their positive nature, a Gemini will often draw in crowds of people from all over. Their entertaining antics and laughable jokes will expectedly broaden their circle group of friends, resulting in a tremendous boost in popularity. You could always count on this Zodiac to hold the spotlight over their heads for as long as they want. It will always be in their control, a move that only a few could master and naturally possess.  

Unfortunately, in a bush of roses, there will be thorns ready to prick when the time is right. This is where a Gemini will get pricked the most.

5. They’re Stubborn

It’s okay to apologize. It’s okay to say that you’re wrong at times. For a Gemini, this rarely fits their vocabulary. They’re just stubborn. Although they could be understanding of a situation (usually after they calm down), it’s still difficult for them to choke up an apology they owe. Some may call it pride but for a Gemini, they’re simply used to being right all the time and having things go their way. It’s not impossible for a Gemini to apologize to their peers. They’re just too stubborn to do so!

So what do you think? Is our favourite Air sign misunderstood? Do you agree with this list? Leave a comment down below and tell me what you think!

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