Lewis The Koala Saved From Massive Wildfire Dies From Injuries

Remember the courageous koala that went viral from being rescued by a heroic grandmother in a charred NSW bushland? The shocking video drew in millions of viewers worldwide, concern for the koala’s depleting health as the caring grandmother, Toni Doherty, pour water over the wounds of the animal.

With charred fur, bloody flesh, and a shriek cry of pain and confusion, viewers watched rescuers carry the wounded animal to safety before transferring it to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.

For the remainder of the week, users followed the story of the animal’s health, wondering about the status of its injuries or whether if it’ll have a home once the recovery was finished.

Sadly, Lewis the Koala was put down peacefully due to his injuries. After inspecting his wounds and severe burns, Port Macquarie Koala Hospital determined that he would not be able to recover.

Before the story broke, the hospital foreshadowed putting down Lewis if his injuries weren’t capable of being treated. Throughout the stressful period of caring for the koala, the hospital had already been providing Lewis substantial pain relief to ease the pain.

A GoFundMe started by the koala hospital has currently raised over $1.7 million in aid. Lewis was estimated to be around 14 years old. The wildlife claimed to take the lives of over 300 koalas.

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