Calling All Harry Potter Fans! We Can Now Purchase An Invisibility Cloak!

Dear Muggles, we often dread the day we awaken from our slumber to start our regular morning sipping on regular coffee before dragging ourselves to our regular jobs. Okay, maybe that doesn’t sound as bad as I thought it would! However, how cool would it be if we weren’t just plain regular muggles? What if we were undiscovered wizards roaming the Muggle streets, patiently awaiting our grand acceptance letter to the magical Hogwarts to appear in the mail!

Or delivered to us by an owl. Whatever shipping you prefer!

Quite frankly, I’m nearly convinced that my letter is lost within millions of other letters being delivered across the nation!

How awesome would it be if we had a little bit of magic tucked away in our possession, a little secret that we hid away from the muggle world? Maybe you’re a wizard after all! It’s not like we would know!

The cat is officially out of its bag, introducing the Invisibility Cloak by WOW! This cloak allows us, upcoming wizards, to become completely invisible to the eye(or camera eye, at least! A muggle can dream)!

Whether you split your pants at a Christmas party from dancing too wildly or if you completely bombed your graduation speech in front of thousands of people, the invisibility cloak has got you covered! Save every introverted or embarrassing moment at any given time!

WOW! Invisibility cloak offers a green screen like material within the cloak itself.

To use the Invisibility Cloak’s invisible functionality, you will need a smartphone or tablet – any device with a camera! Each cloak comes with its very own unique authentication code that’ll grant you access to the Invisibility Cloak’s function within the Wow! Stuff app.

Once the WOW! app is installed, simply follow the on-screen prompts that’ll instruct you with simple steps and be prepared to re-enact your favorite fantasy scenes from your favorite magical films!

Or if you’re just introverted like a majority of us and would like to hide from the world, throw this cloak over you! The perfect solution!

This magical item retails at a price of $54.99 on Amazon! Catch the flash deal before it’s too late!

Remember, you’re a wizard after all.

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