Massive IG Brand Fashion Nova Receives Backlash For Fraud

The tremendous growth of social media continues to skyrocket throughout the decade, leaving plenty of room for ambitious brands to take the wheel when it comes to social media marketing. One of these brands that happen to reign over most is indeed Fashion Nova.

Founded by Richard Saghian, Fashion Nova’s first appearance on the web surfaced around 2006, a ripe year for social media. As the media continued to grow, so did Fashion Nova, offering sponsors and advertisements to influencers and loyal customers to recruit a larger following. The online retail offers designer clothing at a reasonable price, offering an easier budget for those exploring their fashionista side. This attracted many loyal customers, benefitting the small brand into a grossing giant.

Here comes the controversy. With online retail on an all-time high, many unfortunate users have been exposed to online fraud, experiencing excessive delays, promised refunds never fulfilled, and horrible customer service not catering to the consumer’s needs. Instagram users had come to the realization that Fashion Nova played a huge part in fooling with their orders.

After a massive Black Friday sale failure, women came together on social media to share their horror stories of their own personal experience with Fashion Nova.

Here’s a few complaints

Many claimed that the massive clothing brand isn’t honest with their clothing quality that they portray on their Instagram page and website. A user went far enough to take a picture of her purchased attire from Fashion Nova, posting it online to warn others of the fraudulent brand

Many pointed out that social media influencers received better clothing quality from the brand than regular consumers

Mae Cleo rocking her Fashion Nova fit

With the wave of disappointment flooded their comment section, Fashion Nova continues to delete the negative reviews, leaving only the delighted and respectful comments from purchasers who have yet to experience their bad service.

Beauty guru, Jackie Aina, had history with the massive brand, calling out the fact that the brand lacks promoting women of color, dark skin women. If you look through the Instagram page of Fashion Nova, the profile is plastered with light-skinned women. It didn’t take long for Jackie to blast the brand on her youtube channel.

“Every time I go on this page, the majority of the women I see are either light-skinned black women, biracial women, or they’re racially ambiguous,” Aina said. “They could be one thing or they could be something else. You don’t really know. Do I have a problem with them being represented in beauty or fashion? I don’t. But when that’s the only thing I see on my page…”

Beauty Guru Jackie Aina calls out Fashion Nova for their colorist antics

“The reaction that they [Fashion Nova] allegedly has when influencers call them out for colorism and exclusion reflects a brand that does not genuinely respect black women but instead, values our dollars and social media influence.” Jackie Aina stated.

Respectfully, Aina did not publicize the influencer’s name but she did happen to provide the screenshots of the email exchange between her and Fashion Nova who the brand sought a partnership with.

Jackie’s email to Fashion Nova

“Well, I’m not sure how to go about this but I was wondering how come the [redacted] Instagram page hardly posts women of color? Well, how come it’s not that often? It’s just something I noticed and it bothered me a little because I am a woman of color myself so if I’m representing a brand I would like it if they represented more people like me if that makes sense,” the influencer wrote. 

“I hope you take no offense to this because it’s not my intention to offend anyone. It’s just something I’ve become aware of so I thought I’d ask about it.”

The Fashion Nova representative seemed confused. In an email, the brand wrote back to the influencer,

“No worries. So sorry if you think that we intentionally don’t post women of color. I went through our IG and was a little confused because all I see are women of different ethnicity,” the brand wrote back.

“All our models are either Hispanic or African American (yes, we do have white models as well). As a matter of fact, here are the links to the three models we have booked this week (all women of color).”

Here’s one of the three women FN promised were catering to dark skin women

If that wasn’t crazy enough, users pointed out that Fashion Nova does NOT issue refunds but instead, offers store credit and discounts to those who were unfortunate enough to experience issues with their order. The only way to receive your money back is through PayPal IF you paid through Pay Pal. Never use a bank card to purchase your orders from the Fashion Nova site.

What do you guys think? Have you personally experience bad customer service from Fashion Nova? Leave a comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe!

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