If You Haven’t Seen The New Mulan Trailer Yet, Here You Go!

Still no Mushu but hey, that’s okay!

Live action remakes are officially the new era of the Disney realm. Packing their classic vaults with remakes of our favorite childhood movies, it didn’t take long for Disney to blow dust off of their Mulan franchise before revamping the film into a fearless live-action classic!

Disney debuted the first official trailer for its forthcoming live-action version of Mulan on December 5th. Fans were left wide-eyed, completely in awe of the canny resemblance and visuals that graced their screens. Despite their disappointing cries of not seeing the lovable red dragon Mushu in the promo poster posted months ago, the audience left positive reactions overall as they watched a fierce Mulan battle her way through victory. Though viewers were able to depict certain scenes from the original version of the film, the trailers also offered many new characters to assist in retelling the classic tale of Mulan.

The film, directed by Niki Caro and starring Chinese American actor Crystal Liu (also known as Yifei Liu) in the titular role, has a few obvious differences from the original Oscar-nominated 1998 version.

For one, it appears there are two main villains. A man named Böri Khan, played by actor Jason Scott Lee, works alongside with another fearless man named Xian Lang, played by actor Gong Li, in this film. There’s also an addition to the family, as this version shows that Mulan has a sister named Hua Xiu, played by actor Xana Tang. Pretty different if you say so but personally, I’m curious to know how these characters will impact the storyline of this film.

Here are two trailers of the live-action Mulan! Tell me what you think down below!


Mulan is set to premiere in theaters on March 27th, 2020! My fellow Disney lovers, are we tuning in or tuning out?

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