5+1 Questions with Instructor Cynthia Booker

During an interview, two time Emmy award winning broadcaster, Cynthia Booker was asked 6 questions based on her many years of being in the broadcast industry and choosing to make the decision to go back and get her masters and become a teacher.

The questions the interviewer asked Booker were 1. Who is your hero? 2. When did you decide to become a broadcaster? 3.Where did you go to school? 4. Why do you teach? 5 What is your favorite thing to do? and 6 How long have you been doing this?

Booker stated that she went to high school and college in North Carolina, and graduated from Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte. She mentions that her parents are her heroes and she fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a broadcaster after seeing a woman on TV that she wanted to be like. Throughout her interview Booker mentioned that she teaches to inspire others, and during her free time, she loves going to museums, trivia, and reading about how things work.

When asked about how much experience she has in the industry, Booker says that she has over 25 years of experience even though she felt like she already answered that question. In the many years of experience, Cynthia Booker has been an anchor, a journalist, and even a stint as a weather reporter. Today Booker has her masters in education and inspires others to be like her, just as she was inspired by the woman she saw on TV as a child.

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