New Feature Alert! Instagram Tests To Detect Photoshopped Pictures!

We can all agree that Instagram is undeniably a very massive social media platform. This platform is a gateway for many social media users to express their form of art and creativity in their own way. Some may even say that Instagram might be an even bigger platform than Facebook (even though Facebook owns the company but hey, Facebook isn’t for everyone!).

Due to this enormous platform continuously growing by the day, Instagram remains active, repeating a never-ending cycle of rolling out their updates, appearing in your app store every two weeks. Keeping up with the high demands of bug fixes and highly requested changes, we can only imagine the amount of work Instagram put in daily to keep their users entertained and satisfied. As of the last two years, Instagram slowly took cautious measures to roll out extreme changes, first testing the experiment on a few Instagram accounts to see the ending results. From hiding Instagram likes, testing desktop compatibility, fresh new TikTok filters, VR filters, and much more – most are excited to see what Instagram has up their sleeve to better the app. It seems as though the effort to decrease online bullying and put the focus back on the content itself instead of social reactions seems to crown top priority for Instagram.

Now what does Instagram have up their sleeve this time?

Instagram isn’t new to the field when it comes to updating our users’ experience with brand new features and gadgets! This time, Instagram is testing out a brand new feature to determine whether or not a picture is photoshopped. “A combination of feedback from our community and technology” will determine whether the alleged tainted photo will be delivered to a third-party independent fact-checker. If they determined the image has been touched and altered, a “False Information” warning label will be added to the post, according to Hot New Hip Hop.

Now we all know how much of an impact it takes to look “perfect” on social media. Filters, facetune, and photoshop plays a huge role in determining whether a picture is hot or not. How do you think this will impact influencers on Instagram?

Any thoughts? Do you think it’ll make a huge impact to users on Instagram?

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