Five Influencers Who Look Nothing Like Their Instagram Photos

DISCLAIMER: This article is strictly for entertainment purposes. By no means is this post directed towards any influencer or anyone else in vindictive spite or in any negative form. Much respect is given to those who wish to do as they please no matter the opinions that the viewers hold – whether it’s positive or negative! This post is to shed light on self-love and the power of beauty.

Admiration, fluttering hearts, and unlimited amounts of praises flooding within the comment section. This may sound like a typical thing for popular influencers reigning across all social media platforms. Another typical day, if you ask me.

Me when I see food

As viewers who are constantly adverting our attention towards these beautiful gurus gracing our news feed, it’s pretty difficult to refrain from questioning how they master the art of perfection. Whether it’s finding the perfect lighting to boast the quality of our pic or perfecting the right side smile with loose waterfalls of curls towering over your face, we ask ourselves…how? And why?!

How do they find the right lighting? What are the tips and tricks of prepping the perfect hourglass figure? Why are they just so perfect?

With the pressure of thousands to millions of fans showing an excessive amount of love to their photos, we can only imagine the amount of pressure influencers face on the daily to keep up with the consecutive flow of flawless photos. Sure, finding the right poses and the right setting could be a challenge after a while. This is why apps such as Facetune and Photoshop exists!

Before we begin, I would like to state that there is absolutely nothing wrong with editing your photos. This is something that we all often do, especially being pressured to look a certain way on social media. This article is more to showcase the power of photoshop and facetune that paints a false visual reality we often believe.

1. IG: sm.katerina (289k followers)

First on our list is an Instagram influencer sm.katerina, a very stunning Instagram model flexing her piercing blue eyes and striking jawline. With a whopping follower count of 289k, we could guess the amount of pressure to maintain your typical beauty standards of social media. The beauty guru fell victim to the abyss of photoshopping, making it difficult to detect false reality and actual reality.

2. IG: @caro_e_ (1.5 million followers)

Meet this stunning brunette beauty, Caroline Einhoff, a traveling Instagram model on the hunt for peace, health, and fitness. Gifting her millions of followers a sneak peek of her tropical adventures, Caroline wasted no time making sure that her appearance matches the quality of her adventurous photos. As much as we all want that perfect tone body to match our imaginations of what true fitness really is, it could also be also hard to fully accept our natural body flaws. In these altered photos, you can see more of a toned stomach and a more define curved waist complimenting the model. Along with the uncanny edits, Caroline’s glutes appeared to be more fuller and unrealistically perkier.

Even her natural shape are my extreme body goals tbh

3. IG: @thefashionfreak (1.7 million followers)

Melly Sanchez refrains from touching up her photographs dramatically. Though it was quite difficult to catch the photoshop differences, fans were quick to point out that the model’s favorite facetune tool was the face slimming, makeup adding, and highlight brightening tool.

I can’t detect what’s going on here but hopefully, you could catch the difference.

4. IG: @elbaprescooli (129k followers)

Yes, we all probably have dreamt of becoming a luxurious model with the perfect slim body to rock out in the best designer dresses to date. This IG model couldn’t agree more, taking her best editing tools to not only sharpening her best features along with a tanning complexion but to also achieve the top model look by slimming her body. If you ask me, the striking beauty of her untouched photos could probably caused the best man to swoon.

Unfortunately, social media users outside of her fan base bluntly called out the model’s unrealistic figure, warning that posting such unrealistic body shots to such a huge platform could result in a negative influence to young girls.

She remained silent during her photoshop accusations.

5. IG: kristenhancer (5.9 million followers)

Meet Kristen Hancer, a makeup loving Instagram influencer with a whomping count of over 5 million loyal followers. Gracing our feeds with the perfect lips and sharp jawline, it’s constantly questioned how someone could master the art of perfect lighting and poses for the camera. Unfortunately, the Instagram persona she struggles to keep up were questioned throughout the last few years. Fans were quick to point out how her Instagram photos looked completely different from her videos and public appearances. Though she never openly admit to editing her photos, Kristen remain to enhance her appearances throughout her Instagram.

What’s your opinion on photo altering? Do you think it’s normal or a bit much for viewers? Let us know down in the comments below! Part two is coming soon!

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