“Jeny” Mystery Revealed

If you follow this newsletter, you may remember an article about a unique advertising campaign revolving around the slogan “#WHOISJENY”. Well, it turns out Jeny isn’t a “who” at all, it’s a “what”. You see, “Jeny” is actually a radio station for millennials, also referred to as “Generation Y” (you see where this is going). That’s right, it isn’t pronounced “Jeny” at all, it’s “Gen Y”. The new stations frequency is 107.3 fm and their most recent plays (from when I just looked two seconds ago) were The Lumineers, some Niall Horan and a good amount of Post Malone.

So, now we know who Jeny is. However, this brings up another important and interesting question many may not know the answer to-Who is Gen Y? Folks who belong to Gen Y are more commonly referred to as “millennials” but most people don’t really know what this means, we know millennials behavior when we see it but who actually qualifies as a millennial? After some research I found an answer. Anyone born between 1980 and 1994 is a millennial (or “belongs to Gen Y”). So if you were born within that era, there’s a new station in Cleveland just for you.

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