Metropolitan Coffee, A Local Gem

I know there’s bias in every article ever written, it’s impossible for human beings not to have at least some unconscious opinion on any given topic. That being said, I do feel some obligation to mention that I started working at this place about a month ago so I’m mildly inclined to think it’s super awesome.

Firstly, the entire place is a nut free zone, I dig this personally because I am allergic to tree-nuts. Yes, that means no almond milk, but there are many milk alternatives including a very popular oat milk that we actually make ourselves. In general you may want to think about making the switch due to the fact that almond milk is very wasteful, resource wise. Almond milk is not liquid produced by almonds like you might think, it is actually water that nuts have been soaking in for an extended period of time. Almonds are a great resource with many uses and this process is just sort of… a waste of those resources? Oh, and it only contains about 2% of actual almond by the end of the process. Just some food for thought. Okay, almond milk rant over.

Another cool thing about the shop is the art. Various local artists have their work available for purchase in the shop and a LOT of it is Cleveland themed (how rad is that?) which makes for a very nice environment. It’s the perfect chill little spot to bring a good book or some work and just go to town. You should leave feeling peaceful and uninterrupted.

My personal favorites on our menu are as follows:

Drinks- Dirty chai latte, Raspberry mocha and hot chocolate.

Food- Cheesy grits and either a peach or blueberry muffin, both are amazing.

So there you have it, metropolitan coffee in a nutshell. Well, maybe not a nutshell cause it’s nut free but you know what I’m going for. I implore you to check it out at the very least. Have some coffee or a pastry or just come check out the art, maybe I’ll be working and you can say hey! Thanks for reading, until next time.

Metropolitan Coffee is located at 4744 Broadview Rd, Cleveland, OH 44109

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