Awareness Beyond COVID-19

The Coronavirus, social distancing, hoarding, and quarantine. All terms many people have come to hear, use, and experience. The news, work place, stores, and wherever else one may be, have been buzzing about this pandemic. Everywhere you turn, Coronavirus updates or opinions are a common topic of discussion. Although we need to stay on top of this pandemic in order to lower the risk of this contagion and keep the world’s inhibitors safe, certainly many agree that it is both exhausting and nerve-racking to hear so much about one subject, day after day, hour after hour. We need not allow this to be our only focus.

With many people confided to their homes, we have a lot of extra time to be hyper-aware. Other than the Coronavirus, there are many subjects we can be aware of. The month of April actually carries much national awareness value, including National Alcohol Awareness, National Internship Awareness Month, National Humor Month, and National Stress Awareness Month. These are subjects that we should educate ourselves on, and which can keep us active while still ordered to our homes (even if from a distance.)

National Alcohol Awareness Month could not have struck at a better time. Alcoholism contributes to an average of six deaths per day (according to Alcoholism is not just a matter of drinking, or even having a bit too much to drink. Alcoholism is a disorder which people have struggled with for generations upon generations. Alcoholism doesn’t just make a physical appearance- it also is an internal struggle. With so much free time currently being experienced in peoples lives, this creates a playground for boredom and depression- paving a path for alcoholism to strike. Alcoholism is the third leading lifestyle-related cause of death, attributing for a whopping 17% in men, and 8% in women. With the Coronavirus already causing many deaths world-wide, we should educate ourselves on this daily killer and reach out to organizations and loved-ones who deal with this battle, and see how we may show our support, whether it be with a phone call, a donation, or a thoughtful gesture.

Another great point of focus during this month is Internship Awareness. With many students and business professionals forced to work online currently, this is a really great time to chase after the wonderful internship opportunities. Applying for internships provides an extra task for you to pay focus to. Interning is an opportunity for you to expand your skills and knowledge, while keeping the skills and knowledge you already posses sharp. Interning is great to build your professional resume and career foundation. Even if you cannot find an internship that you like online, still apply within companies you admire- even if they are not hiring, they may consider you first in the future when a position becomes available. As we live in a very competitive world, internships can help you stand out above the rest. The world around us is currently experiencing change- allowing more opportunity. A great place to start towards internships is

National Humor Month and National Stress Awareness Month are also in the month of April. Being in a situation that is abnormal to our usual can cause depression- and that is no laughing matter. However, we can definitely make it one. There is a well-known quote which states “Laughter is the best medicine;” and there are actually facts that stand behind this quote. A few benefits of laughter (according to include: improving your immune system, improving your mood, and relaxing you. What’s not to love about those benefits? During this pandemic, it is a great idea to try finding things that help to boost your immune system. Sit down and find some videos via YouTube or TikTok, or put on a comical movie, and get yourself laughing! Google search jokes, or comical short stories, if you’re more of a reader. Maintaining uplifted spirits leads way for an easier transition once life resumes in the outside world. Indulging in humor brings relaxation. It is important for us to partake in stress-relieving activities, and to be aware of our stress levels. Whether through a good relaxation-inducing laugh or not, make sure you are not overwhelming yourself, and are able to keep balanced. A few great ways to reduce stress are: exercise, eat healthy, well-rest yourself, and stay occupied. If you’re feeling a bit stressed out, it may be a clue to put in some extra exercise- do sets of push-ups, jumping jacks, or even climb up and down the stairs in your home. Those good practices to aid in staying fit, relieve stress. Don’t forget to replenish your internal body too- eat properly and rest adequately to reap the benefits of stress-relief.

Awareness is so important. With awareness, you are stimulating your mind, actions, and self. In turn, you are bringing forth awareness to those around you in your world. Being aware of these subjects, be aware of what you’re going to do to become more involved.

How will you make aware, that you are aware?

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