‘Sharing’ Gets Caring

Social media giant Facebook joins in on showing a little extra support and love during the Coronavirus pandemic. Facebook updated their ‘reactions’ under their popular ‘Like’ button option, adding two new choices: the first option is an Emoji smiling, hugging onto a heart- the ‘care’ reaction. The second newest addition is a purple and red heart that’s slightly outlined- this reaction is ‘the hug.’ Users can access these options by choosing a post they’d like to react to on Facebook, and holding down the ‘Like’ button, until the six options available appear. The user can then drag their finger (or mouse) across the options to choose. Simple! Some users have not received this update yet, and there isn’t an exact time-frame for when everybody will, so stay patient and keep an eye out.

For users who do have this update, the hopes are that this will bring us all closer together during social distancing, and give a quicker option for spreading empathy and a little extra love.

Facebook executive Alexandra Voica tweets about the latest update.
Source: Twitter

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