Acts of Kindness Do Pay Off

A 19 year-old man, Jose Nuñez Romaniz, reportedly turned in a bag of money containing $135,000 in cash. The young man had went to the bank to deposit money to by his grandfather socks online. Next to the ATM, Jose spotted a foot-long bag of cash. Considering it may be a set up, and without a thought of taking the money for himself, Jose contacted authorities to come pick up the cash. Police were impressed. The large amount of cash could have made an equally large amount of difference in Jose’s life. Instead, his act of integrity remains priceless. Although, not unrewarded. Jose has been presented with a plaque from the Chief of Police, as well as with an extended offer for Jose to apply for a position as a public service aid in the police department- a perfect opportunity for Jose, a criminal justice student in a Central New Mexico Community College. 101.7 FM, Albuquerque’s ESPN radio station, presented Jose with some exclusive, signed sports memorabilia- and even threw in six season tickets for UNM football. Jose also has been presented with three separate gifts of $500- one of the amounts coming from a restaurant which also gifted him a $100 gift certificate for his righteous act. Who says kindness can’t be rewarding?

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